Apache Xerces-J 2.11.0 发布

编辑: 红薯
2010-12-01 00:00:00

Xerces-J 是 Java 版的 Xerces。Xerces是由Apache组织所推动的一项XML文档解析开源项目,它目前有多种语言版本包括JAVA、C++、PERL、COM等。



* Implemented XML Schema 1.1's simplified complex type restriction rules
(also known as subsumption). [Sandy Gao]

* Added support for XML Schema 1.1's overriding component definitions
(). [Khaled Noaman, Udayanga Wickramasinghe]

* Added experimental support for a parser and evaluator for XML Schema
Component Designators (SCD). [Sandy Gao, Ishan Jayawardena]

* Implemented support for the vc:typeAvailable, vc:typeUnavailable,
vc:facetAvailable and vc:facetUnavailable attributes for conditional
inclusion processing in XML Schema 1.1 documents. [Mukul Gandhi]

* Implemented support for allowing xs:group as a child of xs:all in XML
Schema 1.1 documents. [Mukul Gandhi]

* Made several enhancements to the support for assertions in the XML
Schema 1.1 implementation. [Mukul Gandhi]

* Improved the ways in which the XML Schema API exposes values and
identity constraint information. [Sandy Gao]

* Fixed a bug where XMLSchemaValidator.findSchemaGrammar() was not getting
called for substitution groups. [Michael Glavassevich]

* Fixed a bug in the regular expression support which was introduced in
the previous release. See JIRA Issue XERCESJ-1456 for details. [Khaled

* Fixed multiple issues with decimal precision in the processing of
xs:precisionDecimal values. [Sandy Gao]

* Fixed various bugs and made various improvements. [Mukul Gandhi, Sandy
Gao, Michael Glavassevich, Johannes Koch, Khaled Noaman]

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