TestLink1.9 正式版发布,测试过程管理平台

发布于 2010年11月30日
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TestLink1.9 正式版发布

TestLink用于进行测试过程中的管理,通过使用TestLink提供的功能,可以将测试过程从测试需求、测试设计、到测试执行完整的管理起来,同 时,它还提供了好多种测试结果的统计和分析,使我们能够简单的开始测试工作和分析测试结果。

TestLink1.9 正式版下载地址: http://sourceforge.net/projects/testlink/files/TestLink%201.9/TestLink%201.9.0/testlink-1.9.0.zip/download


Test Plan

- Platforms

Allows you some kind sub testplan inside a main test plan.

Have you ever wanted to execute a similar test plan on a different

platform (hardware, operating system, browser etc)?

This featureallows you to assign and execute test cases on different platforms.

You can have different set of test cases for each platform


- XML export/import of test cases and platforms links

- XML export of testplan contents

- Private Test plans


Test Specification

- Test cases version comparison

- Private Test projects

- Inventory

- URL Links from external sites

- Individual test case steps and expected results

- Test case import more options for manage duplicate situations



- XML export of test cases sets

- Test Case execution tester assignment at build level

- Improvement on XML import

- Search by Custom Fields



- Fully support of N-level nested tree of requirements specifications.

- Requirements relations

- Requirements versioning

- Requirements version comparison

- Requirement freeze

- URL Links from external sites

- Allow use on notes of Links bewteeen Requirements

- Allow use on notes of Links bewteeen Requirement Specs


User Interface

- Interactive tables

Many features allows you to customize the data by sorting, reordering,

grouping and filtering.

This mean that you easily can adapt the views to better suit you.


- Filter improvements


Custom fields

- for test cases and requirements values are managed at version level.



- PHP 5.3 support

- Ext-JS intensive use


User management

- Administrator can set user passwords without sending it by email.


Utilities (extra system)

- XLS to XML generator for Test Cases and Requirements



- new methods

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