Apache POI 3.2-FINAL 版本发布

发布于 2008年10月21日
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Apache POI是一个开源的Java读写Excel、WORD等微软OLE2组件文档的项目。


  • fix45866 - allowed for change of unicode compression across Continue records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45964 - support for link formulas in Text Objects(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix43354 - support for evalating formulas with missing args(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45912 - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in EmbeddedObjectRefSubRecord(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45889 - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when constructing HSLF Table with a single row (POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInitial support for creating hyperlinks in HSLF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45876 - fixed BoundSheetRecord to allow sheet names longer than 31 chars(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45890 - fixed HSSFSheet.shiftRows to also update conditional formats(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45865 modified Formula Parser/Evaluator to handle cross-worksheet formulas(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addOptimised the FormulaEvaluator to take cell dependencies into account(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add16936 - Initial support for whole-row cell styling(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addUpdate hssf.extractor.ExcelExtractor to optionally output blank cells too(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInclude the sheet name in the output of examples.XLS2CSVmra(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45784 - Support long chart titles in SeriesTextRecords(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45777 - Throw an exception if HSSF Footer or Header is attemped to be set too long, rather than having it break during writing out(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45844 - Addtional diagnostics for HSLF SlideShowRecordDumper(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45829 - HSSFPicture.getImageDimension() failed when DPI of image is zero(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45815 - Bit mask values in StyleTextPropAtom were not preserved across read-write(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45814 - Specify RecordType for slide show Handout (4041)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45805 - Fixed 16-bit signed/unsigned bug in HSSFSheet.getColWidth etc(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45780 - Fixed HSSFSheet.shiftRows to also update Area refs(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45804 - Update HSMF to handle Outlook 3.0 msg files, which have a different string chunk type(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addExpose the name of Named Cell Styles via HSSFCellStyle (normally held on the parent style though)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45978 - Fixed IOOBE in Ref3DPtg.toFormulaString() due eager initialisation of SheetReferences(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addMade HSSFFormulaEvaluator no longer require initialisation with sheet or row(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addExtended support for cached results of formula cells(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45639 - Fixed AIOOBE due to bad index logic in ColumnInfoRecordsAggregate(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixFixed special cases of INDEX function (single column/single row, errors)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45761 - Support for Very Hidden excel sheets in HSSF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45738 - Initial HWPF support for Office Art Shapes(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45720 - Fixed HSSFWorkbook.cloneSheet to correctly clone sheets with drawings(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45728 - Fix for SlideShow.reorderSlide in HSLF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInitial support for embedded movies and controls in HSLF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45358 - signed/unsigned error when parsing 3-d area refs, performance problem evaluating area refs, and ClassCastExcecption in IF()(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for HPBF Publisher hyperlinks, including during text extraction(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix26321 and 44958 - preserve position of ArrayRecords and TableRecords among cell value records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixImpove empty header or footer handling in HWPF HeaderStories(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixAvoid NPE in hssf.usermodel.HeaderFooter when stripping fields out(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixAvoid NPE in EscherBSERecord on older escher records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addBasic text extractraction support in HPBF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInitial, low level support for Publisher files, in the form of HPBF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45699 - Fix RowRecordsAggregate to tolerate intervening MERGEDCELLS records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45698 - Fix LinkTable to tolerate multiple EXTERNSHEET records(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45682 - Fix for cloning of CFRecordsAggregate(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInitial support for evaluating external add-in functions like YEARFRAC(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45672 - Fix for MissingRecordAwareHSSFListener to prevent multiple LastCellOfRowDummyRecords when shared formulas are present(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45645 - Fix for HSSFSheet.autoSizeColumn() for widths exceeding Short.MAX_VALUE(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45623 - Support for additional HSSF header and footer fields, including bold and full file path(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45623 - Support stripping HSSF header and footer fields (eg page number) out of header and footer text if required(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45622 - Support stripping HWPF fields (eg macros) out of text, via Range.stripFields(text)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addNew HPSF based TextExtractor for document metadata, org.apache.poi.hpsf.extractor.HPSFPropertiesExtractor(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixProperly update the array of Slide's text runs in HSLF when new text shapes are added(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45590 - Fix for Header/footer extraction for .ppt files saved in Office 2007(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixBig improvement in how HWPF handles unicode text, and more sanity checking of text ranges within HWPF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addInclude headers and footers int he extracted text from HWPF's WordExtractor(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addAdded support to HWPF for headers and footers(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixImprove how HWPF deals with unicode internally. Should avoid some odd behaviour when manipulating unicode text(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45577 - Added implementations for Excel functions NOW and TODAY(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45582 - Fix for workbook streams with extra bytes trailing the EOFRecord(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45537 - Include headers and footers (of slides and notes) in the extracted text from HSLF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45472 - Fixed incorrect default row height in OpenOffice 2.3(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix44692 - HSSFPicture.resize() stretched image when there was a text next to it(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45543 - Optionally extract comment text with PowerPointExtractor, and initial hslf model support for comments(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45538 - Include excel headers and footers in the output of ExcelExtractor(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix44894 - refactor duplicate logic from EventRecordFactory to RecordFactory(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for Headers / Footers in HSLF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix44953 - Extensive fixes for data validation(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45519 - Fixed to keep datavalidation records together(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for creating new HSLF CurrentUserAtoms(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45466 - Partial support for removing excel comments (won't work for all excel versions yet)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45437 - Detect encrypted word documents, and throw an EncryptedDocumentException instead of a OOM(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45404 - New class, hssf.usermodel.HSSFDataFormatter, for formatting numbers and dates in the same way that Excel does(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45414 - Don't add too many UncalcedRecords to sheets with charts in them(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45398 - Support detecting date formats containing "am/pm" as date times(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45410 - Removed dependency from contrib on commons beanutils,collections and lang(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addNew helper, HSSFOptimiser, which handles removing duplicated font and style records, to avoid going over the limits in Excel(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45322 - Fixed NPE in HSSFSheet.autoSizeColumn() when cell number format was not found(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45380 - Missing return keyword in ArrayPtg.toFormulaString()(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add44958 - Record level support for Data Tables. (No formula parser support though)(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add35583 - Include a version class, org.apache.poi.Version, to allow easy introspection of the POI version(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addAllow the cloning of one HSSFCellStyle onto another, including cloning styles from one HSSFWorkbook onto another(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45289 - finished support for special comparison operators in COUNTIF(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45126 - Avoid generating multiple NamedRanges with the same name, which Excel dislikes(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixFix cell.getRichStringCellValue() for formula cells with string results(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45365 - Handle more excel number formatting rules in FormatTrackingHSSFListener / XLS2CSVmra(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45373 - Improve the performance of HSSFSheet.shiftRows(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45367 - Fixed bug when last row removed from sheet is row zero(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45348 - Tweaks to RVA formula logic(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45354 - Fixed recognition of named ranges within formulas(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45338 - Fix HSSFWorkbook to give you the same HSSFFont every time, and then fix it to find newly added fonts(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45336 - Fix HSSFColor.getTripletHash()(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45334 - Fixed formula parser to handle dots in identifiers(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45252 - Improvement for HWPF Range.replaceText()(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fix45001 - Further fix for HWPF Range.delete() and unicode characters(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • add45175 - Support for variable length operands in org.apache.poi.hwpf.sprm.SprmOperation(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • fixAvoid spurious missing lines with the MissingRecordAware event code, and odd files that contain RowRecords in the middle of the cell Records.(POI-DEVELOPERS)
  • addSupport for parsing formulas during EventUserModel processing, via the new EventWorkbookBuilder(POI-DEVELOPERS)


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