Apache Axis2 1.5.3 发布

发布于 2010年11月19日
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Apache Axis 是一个全功能的Web服务实现框架,而 Axis2 是对 Axis1 的重构版本。


* Improved support for SSL when using the servlet transport: Axis2 can
now be configured so that generated WSDLs contain https endpoints
* Improved compatibility with Rampart (AXIS2-3213 and AXIS2-4870) and
Sandesha2 (potential HTTP connection pool starvation).
* Axiom has been upgraded to 1.2.10. This version contains performance
improvements relevant for Rampart.
* Application (business) faults are no longer logged at level ERROR
* Improved conformance to the SAAJ specifications. The 1.5.3 release
contains a set of fixes and improvements for the SAAJ implementation
developed on the trunk and not included in previous releases from the
1.5 branch.
* Axis2 now relies exclusively on dependencies available from the
Maven central repository, and no other Maven repositories are
required. This in particular fixes a build problem that appeared after
the 1.5.2 release.
* The Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA plugins are again available for
download via the Axis2 Web site (previous 1.5.x versions could only be
downloaded from the Maven repository).

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