RichFaces 4.0.0.Milestone 4 发布

发布于 2010年11月19日
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RichFaces 是一个具有 Ajax 和 JSF 特性 的 Web 框架。


  • 新组件包括 inplaceSelect, select, calendar, tooltip, and tree!!
  • Great progress on Client Side Validation. You can start using these components now, but will be using Ajax requests for validation until the M5. The major parts of client/server side functionality are completed, and need to be integrated, and flushed out in milestone 5.
  • a4j:push redesigns are completed. We have switched to advanced Comet implementation and targeted JMS integration. We still need to wrap up documentation, and samples, but the component is there. For a jump start until those are ready you can review here and the developer sample in svn
  • We've also improved the functionality of the CDK, and continued stabilization work for our core, and migrated components!
  • Our RichFaces Showcase demo has also been updated with new components, and features.
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