EhCache 2.3.0 发布,Java缓存框架

发布于 2010年11月10日
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EhCache 是一个纯Java的进程内缓存框架,具有快速、精干等特点,是Hibernate中默认的CacheProvider。


下面是 Ehcache 2.3.0 版本新增的特性(来自下载文件的 CHANGELOG.txt):

1. Additional statistics that break out missNotFound into missInMemory, missOffHeap, and missOnDisk.
2. Extend Ehcache existing in-memory and on-disk concepts to include off-heap as an additional possible location.
3. Add the ability for store implementations to return a store specific MBean implementation that is exposed in the same manner as the existing Ehcache MBeans.
4. Restore support for the disk access stripes configuration property in the disk store implementation.
5. Added timeout to cache.getWithLoader.
6. Added support for cacheDecorators in defaultCache.
7. Added support for cacheDecorators replacing the original cache when decorated cache has same name as the cache.

下载 Ehcache 2.3.0:

ehcache-core-2.3.0-distribution.tar.gz (3.4M)
ehcache-2.3.0-distribution.tar.gz (48.4M)

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