SOGo 1.3.3 发布,群组工作系统

发布于 2010年10月20日
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SOGo 是一个群组工作系统软件,主要侧重于可扩展性和开放性标准。

SOGo 提供基于 Ajax 方式的Web界面,通过 CalDAV、CardDAV、和 GroupDAV 等协议支持多个本地客户端。


1. This release adds a Catalan translation and fixes German, Polish, Italian, and Ukrainian translations.
2. It fixes base64 decoding issues in SOPE.
3. It adds the ability to rename subscribed address books.
4. It fixes many issues pertaining to DST switches.
5. Auto-complete of attendees caused an error if entered too fast.
6. Calendar sync tag names and other metadata were not released when a calendar was deleted.
7. Card and event fields can now contain versit separators.
8. The general performance of the Web interface and of certain IMAP operations has been improved.
9. Miscellaneous UI issues have been fixed

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