JPPF 2.3 发布,Java并行计算框架

发布于 2010年10月19日
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JPPF是一个开放源码的网格计算框架,它可以在一个分布执行环境中 同时运行多个java应用。JPPF框架使用一个兼容JCA 1.5规范的资源适配器与J2EE应用服务器进行集成,这个适配器为服务器提供了到原始网格服务的访问。


1. Idle computer scavenging was implemente: nodes can now start when no keyboard or mouse activity has occurred for a specified time, and stop upon any new activity.
2. The scheduling mechanism provides more fairness among concurrent jobs with the same priority.
3. Log and trace messages from remote nodes and servers are now accessible as JMX notifications.
4. A new mechanism enables the detection of and recovery from hardware failures of a node or server and brings a new level of resilience and reliability to the JPPF grid.
5. A node can now run in the same JVM as a JPPF server

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