Apache Buildr 1.4.3 发布

发布于 2010年10月17日
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* Added: BUILDR-514 New 'run' local task. http://buildr.apache.org/more_stuff.html#run
* Added: BUILDR-518 Load _buildr.rb or .buildr.rb from same directory as Buildfile if they exist (Peter Donald)
* Added: BUILDR-519 Load repositories.release_to from build settings (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-520 Scaladoc 2.8 no longer support -windowtitle, use -doc-title instead.
* Fixed: BUILDR-512 Buildr::Util.ruby invokes non existent method (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-513 --trace fails with NoMethodError : undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass
* Fixed: BUILDR-515 -update-snapshot doesn't work as expected
* Fixed: BUILDR-517 package(:jar).include(directory, :as=>"foo") produces a corrupted jar
* Fixed: BUILDR-524 Optimized and more robust reading of jar MANIFEST.MF (Hugues Malphettes)
* Fixed: BUILDR-525 Documentation refers to repositories.upload_to rather than repositories.release_to (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-526 Gracefully handle h2 sections with no id in documentation (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-527 package(:war) if libs passed are files (instead of artifacts)
* Fixed: BUILDR-528 Stop using deprecated method Gem::Dependency.version_requirements correctly (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-529 Stop using gem name "foo" in tests as it is the name of an actual gem (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-531 Improve error message when build requires gem that can't be found in local/remote gem repositories (Peter Donald)
* Fixed: BUILDR-532 package_as_source does not package resources (Tammo van Lessen)
* Fixed: BUILDR-534 package_with_sources does not package source artifacts if no sources but resources exist.
* Fixed: BUILDR-535 Failing "checks" produce no meaningful errors on JRuby
* Fixed: JavaRebel was previously not correctly detected.

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