SQLyog 8.6.2 发布

发布于 2010年10月11日
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SQLyog 是一个易于使用的、快速而简洁的图形化管理MYSQL数据库的工具,它能够在任何地点有效地管理你的数据库。

1. SJA now supports an additional -r parameter that tells how big CHUNKS should be when copying to an empty table.
2. The -r parameter only has effect with Data Sync jobs and is ignored with other types of jobs.
3. This is a command line option only, and is not supported from the GUI Wizard.
4. A GUI improvement was made in the Data Sync Wizard, clarifying the difference between syncing "All tables" (existing at any time) and all tables existing at the time of building the job.
5. It is now also much easier to select "almost all tables" for a Data Sync job

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