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发布于 2009年04月05日
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Google Chrome(谷歌浏览器)是由Google开发的一款可让您更快速、轻松且安全地使用网络的浏览器,它的设计超级简洁,使用起来更加方便。

Google Chrome的特点是简洁、快速.Google Chrome支持多标签浏览,每个标签页面都在独立的“沙箱”内运行,在提高安全性的同时,一个标签页面的崩溃也不会导致其他标签页面被关闭.此 外,Google Chrome基于更强大的JavaScript V8引擎,这是当前Web浏览器所无法实现的。

  • [r12365] Fixed issue where history was only displaying results for today's history after a bookmarks/settings import. (Issue: 8827)
  • [r12366] Add a progress meter to the downloads page. (Issues: 82208334)
  • [r12367] Corrected issue where autofill was incorrectly displaying when moving focus from a text input to something else. (Issue: 8627)
  • [r12374] [r12485] We now cache form submissions (post requests), so edits are not lost if you naviagate and then come back. (Issue: 2636)
  • [r12375] New tab page was linking to the wrong URL for the history page. (Issue: 8961)
  • [r12383] Added middle click support for launching a new tab, in addition to adding the infrasturcture to provide better support for click commands in the future. (Issues: 3586477)
  • [r12420] Fixed an issue where users were not able to tab through elements in Chrome option panels.(Issue: 9253)
  • [r12428][r12681] When in a form text field, pressing the up/down arrow keys will now correctly bring up the autofill popup. (Issue: 6437)
  • [r12432] (Ctrl+Shift+Del) now clears browsing history data. (Issue: 8458)
  • [r12434] RTL Support: Right shift + Right control now aligns text in a text area/ text box. (Issue: 1845)
  • [r12467] Chrome no longer applies gzip filters to file names with gz/tgz/svgz extensions. (Issue: 8170)
  • [r12480] Fixed issue where Chrome was ignoring mouse clicks. (Issue: 9273)
  • [r12557] Block Oriya locale on Windows XP. (Issue: 7325)
  • [r12568] Fixes bug where first login attempt to hotmail failed after a Chrome restart. (Issues: 7727)
  • [r12587] Fixed a regression, windowed shockwave plugins are now positioned correctly. (Issue: 6742)
  • [r12588] Plugins should now be able to decect that Chrome is in incognito mode. (Issue: 158)
  • [r12609] Add images for <input type="search">, the magnifying glass and close box were missing. (Issue: 9210)
  • [r12621] Using the new Win7 Save As dialog for Win7. (Issue: 8409)
  • [r12631] RTL: Windows context menu with Alt+Space Bar now correctly displays on the right side of the window. (Issues: 57385724)
  • [r12635] Chrome now respects cookies set when it receives a 401 responses when restarting the http transaction. (Issue: 6450)
  • [r12655] Fixed issue where mousing over link in background would bring the background window to the front. (Issue: 9422)
  • [r12661] Add date information to the downloads page. (Issue: 8433)
  • [r12666] Buttons, such as "Cancel" and "Ok", did not have initial focus on options dialogs, so pressing enter after the dialogs first appeared would not work to active them. (Issue: 9384)
  • [r12676] Resolved error where "Always open this type of file" would not work consistently all of the time. (Issue: 3954)
  • [r12688] Chrome now destroys the incognito history/ data cache when the incognito windows is closed, we no longer until Chrome is closed. (Issue: 348)
  • [r12689] Fixed issues with text wrapping of non-English text on the history page. (Issue: 8147)
  • [r12702] Fixed an error where encoding autodetection was not working. (Issues: 164828587)
  • [r12716] Deleting the final item from a form autofill popup would leave an empty autofill popup (not very visible but capturing focus) preventing tabbing to other form fields. (Issue: 9267)
  • [r12733] Fixed issue where the "Install plug-in" infor bar was not showing show up. (Issue: 8584)
  • [r12819] Chrome now displays a title for files in the back/forward menu. (Issue: 7871)


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