SpringSource tc Server 发布 Beta 版

发布于 2009年04月03日
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SpringSource tc Server Public Beta is now open. tc Server is an enterprise version of the widely used Apache Tomcat web application server. SpringSource tc Server provides operations management and monitoring of servers and applications for a single instance or across many nodes, from a single console. Capabilities include:

  • Application management
    • List running applications, target, deploy and undeploy applications to distributed server instances
    • Start, stop and reload applications running for distributed server instances
  • Server management
    • Configure JDBC Data Sources, connection pools, virtual hosts, access logs and integration with web servers
    • Configure JVM server start parameters like Java heap size and garbage collection characteristics
  • Advanced server diagnostics
    • Application thread lock detection, thread and heap dumping for failure and exception analysis
    • Thread to URL association for faster diagnosis when analyzing problems with request processing

To participate in the beta program, please complete the following steps

  1. Download the beta version of tc Server for your platform (Windows, Linux 32-bit/64-bit) by completing the download form or by visiting the tc Server product page and clicking the Download Now button.
  2. Follow the install instructions for tc Server included in the online documentation.
  3. Provide feedback and report issues via the community forum.
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