queXML 1.3.0 发布

发布于 2010年09月23日
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queXML 是一个用来设计调查问卷的 XML 模式,提供一个 Web 的界面。

1. The PDF form generation from queXML has been implemented as a PHP class based on TCPDF, called queXMLPDF.
2. queXMLPDF converts a queXML file to a PDF in a manner similarl to the XSLT stylesheets already available in queXML, but does not require FOP/Java to operate, and produces a "Banding" XML file that describes all boxes and fields on the form for importing to queXF.
3. When using queXF to scan and verify your questionnaires, the "banding" step can be skipped and the data output will include variable, value, and question labels as described in the original queXML file

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