EJBCA 3.10.5 发布,CA证书管理

发布于 2010年09月22日
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EJBCA是一个全功能的CA系统软件,它基于J2EE技术,并提供了一个强大的、高性能并基于组件的CA。EJBCA兼具灵活性和平台独立性,能 够独立使用,也能和任何J2EE应用程序集成。


1. An admin GUI error running on JBoss 5 was fixed.
2. Some issues with audit and approvals when using admin certificates issued by an external CA were fixed.
3. The admin GUI was harmonized and its looks were improved.
4. Caches of profiles and CAs were added and improved.
5. Performance was improved.
6. A CLI for clearing caches was added.
7. An installation issue was fixed on Windows when JBoss is installed in the root directory.
8. Re-publishing of certificates when CertReqHistory is not used was fixed.
9. CertReqHistory is enabled by default for new CAs.
10. The German translation was updated.
11. Unrevocation is supported using WS-API

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