CA证书管理 -- EJBCA 3.8.2 发布

发布于 2009年03月31日
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* [ECA-552] - Add support for nextUpdate, thisUpdate and producedAt in OCSP responses 
* [ECA-1124] - Configurable to use HTTP headers for standalone OCSP 
* [ECA-1053] - Pseudonym as a subject DN attribute 
* [ECA-1133] - Configurable in ExternalOCSPPublisher to only publish certificates with and OCSP URI extension. 
* [ECA-1123] - Create dummy object for TransactionLogger and AuditLogger 
* [ECA-1088] - Default public exponent for should be 65537 (0x1001) 
* [ECA-1055] - Support OCSP by HTTP GET 
* [ECA-1117] - Use info instead of error messages in Standalone OCSP Responder. 
* [ECA-1144] - Add "userPassword" attribute in LDAP publisher * [ECA-1114] - Add street DN component 
* [ECA-1096] - Improve handling of invalid requests and streams in OCSP responder 
* [ECA-1146] - Stress Test does not print out no of failed tests 
* [ECA-748] - Order certificates in view certificates with newest first 
* [ECA-1121] - Unnecessary signing operations Bug 
* [ECA-1158] - CA-certificate, but no signing key from a CA on the external OCSP generates an Exception 
* [ECA-1141] - CRL Distribution Point in CRLs must be encapsulated into an Issuing Distribution Point 
* [ECA-1092] - Code not thread-safe in certificate-request Servlet 
* [ECA-1154] - Concurrency issue when reloading soft keys for external OCSP responder 
* [ECA-1113] - JCE error on JBoss 5 on some platforms * [ECA-1148] - ServiceData cached in bean making synchronization between cluster nodes fail. 
* [ECA-1090] - Wrong encoding of issuer DN on retrieval public web pages 
* [ECA-1150] - Wrong language tag for "Certificate Validity End Time" in viewendentity.jsp 
* [ECA-1095] - Allow comma in directoryName subject alt names 
* [ECA-1145] - CvcRequestMessage not serializable 
* [ECA-1143] - Freshest CRL is lost when creating a new CA

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