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Serv-U 是目前众多的FTP 服务器软件之一.通过使用Serv-U,用户能够将任何一台PC 设置成一个FTP 服务器,这样,用户或其他使用者就能够使用FTP 协议,通过在同一网络上的任何一台PC与FTP 服务器连接,进行文件或目录的复制,移动,创建,和删除等.这里提到的FTP 协议是专门被用来规定计算机之间进行文件传输的标准和规则,正是因为有了象FTP 这样的专门协议,才使得人们能够通过不同类型的计算机,使用不同类型的操作系统,对不同类型的文件进行相互传递.


 * Implemented more flexible licensing options.

Bug Fixes:
    * Corrected a bug where Windows Links to directories might not allow operations on that directory or its children.
    * Corrected a bug where a session's home directory may be incorrectly interpreted when the user is locked in the home directory.
    * Corrected a bug where Serv-U could assume that a remote directory name such as "/temp" was the same as "D:\temp" where the drive letter is the drive upon which Serv-U is installed. This only occurred when the user had full access to the machine and the user account listed drives.
    * Corrected a layout issue where the HTTP login page would improperly position the login button for Finish in Firefox under Windows Vista.
    * Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where multiple directory listings would occur when navigating to a parent folder while in Thumbnails mode.
    * Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) but where Serv-U would not fully resolve Windows shortcuts as specified. Certain SFTP attributes referenced the .LNK file instead of the target, this included the file type, file attributes, and the date and times of the target.

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