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xyxzfj 2010年08月20日

Linux 秀

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Decorate with Linux


The Linux kernel joins the Bible, Peter Pan and Jane Eyre as one of the greatest works of literature, poster-ized.
Linux kernel作为史上最重要的文字作品,加入到了名著Bible, Peter Pan 和 Jane Eyre的行列里来。


In thinking of the great works of Western literature, many books come to mind: "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Bronte. "The Metamorphosis," by Franz Kafka. "Peter Pan," by J.M. Barrie. The ... "Linux Kernel"?
一提到西方文学中的精华之作,我们就会想起很多书:Jane Eyre(Charlotte Bronte),The Metamorphosis(Franz Kafka),Peter Pan(J.M. Barrie)。Linux Kernel呢?


Yes, the source code for the schedule processor in the Linux kernel is depicted in poster form from Postertext (and they note,"Every source code component is in its original compilable form!"):
嗯!Linux kernel中处理器调度的源码被Postertext 以海报形式描绘了。(而且他们附注道,“每一源码块都以其原始的可移植形式存在!”)


The company takes written works and turns them into artistic renderings using only the text itself.

The poster above was created using Kernel version process schedule source code from:


* sched.c
* sched_clock.c
* sched_cpupri.c
* sched_cpupri.h
* sched_debug.c
* sched_fair.c


How did the Linux kernel make its way in among the famous written works of the Western world?
Linux kernel是如何能在西方文学名著的世界里立一席之地的呢?


The Linux kernel is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software. At its core is the process scheduler – initially conceived and created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. The process scheduler is a highly important, if not the most important, component to every single multitasking operating system. It handles memory management, drivers, networking, filesystems, etc.
Linux kernel是自由与开源最杰出的代表之一。其核心是处理器调度—最初由Linus Torvalds于1991所构思并创造。于任何一个多任务操作系统,处理器调度是最重要,如果不是最重要的话,的一个组件。它处理内存管理,驱动,网编,文件系统等。
The poster is 24x30 inches and was released the same day as "Through the Looking Glass," by Lewis Carroll. The works other than literature depicted in poster form so far are the U.S. Constitution and the New Testament of the Bible.
海报尺寸24x30英寸,和作品Through the Looking Glass(Lewis Carroll)在同一天发行。到目前为止,被Postertext以海报形式描绘的非文学作品,还只有美国宪法和新约全书。


Heady company.


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