IE8兼容 -- Prototype 1.6.1 RC2 发布

发布于 2009年03月28日
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Prototype 日前发布了 Prototype 1.6.1 RC2 版本,该版本主要修正了与 IE8 的兼容性问题以及元素存储和补丁修正。


  • Full compatibility with Internet Explorer 8. Juriy has spearheaded the effort to replace most of our IE “sniffs” into outright capability checks — making it far easier to support IE8 in both “super-standards” mode and compatibility mode.
  • Element storage, a feature announced previously. Safely associate complex metadata with individual elements.
  • mouseenter and mouseleave events — simulating the IE-proprietary events that tend to be far more useful than mouseover and mouseout.
  • An Element#clone method for cloning DOM nodes in a way that lets you perform “cleanup” on the new copies.


  • Better housekeeping on event handlers in order to prevent memory leaks.
  • Better performance in Function#bind, Element#down, and a number of other often-used methods.
  • A number of bug fixes.

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