Spyder 4.0.1 发布,优秀的Python集成开发环境

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作者: 新疆大仙
2020-01-11 10:14:00

Spyder 是一个强大的交互式 Python 语言开发环境,提供高级的代码编辑、变量监视、交互测试、调试等特性,支持包括 Windows、Linux 和 OS X 系统。

Anaconda集成了Spyder安装包,可以通过Anaconda环境安装最新的Spyder 4.0.1版本:

conda install spyder=4.0.1

Spyder 4带来一些非常棒的特性更新,以及对窗口面板重新命名:

  • Static code analysis to Code Analysis
  • File explorer to Files
  • Find in files to Find
  • History log to History
  • Project explorer to Project
  • Editor

    • Code folding.
    • Indentation guides.
    • A class/method/function lookup panel. This can be shown in the menu
      Source > Show selector for classes and functions.
    • Autosave functionality to recover unsaved files after a crash.
    • Optional integration with the Kite completion
    • Code completion and linting are provided by the Python Language Server.
  • IPython Console

    • Run files in an empty namespace.
    • Open dedicated consoles for Pylab, Sympy and Cython.
    • Run cells through a new function called runcell.
    • Run cells by name.
  • Debugger

    • Code completion.
    • Execute multi-line statements.
    • Syntax highlighting.
    • Permanent history.
    • runfile and runcell can be called when the debugger is active.
    • Debug cells with Alt+Shift+Return.
  • Variable Explorer

    • New viewer to inspect any Python object in a tree-like representation.
    • Filter variables by name or type.
    • MultiIndex support in the Dataframe viewer.
    • Support for all Pandas indexes.
    • Support for sets.
    • Support for Numpy object arrays.
    • Restore the ability to refresh it while code is being executed.
  • Files

    • Associate external applications to open specific file extensions.
    • Context menu action to open files externally.
    • Multi-select functionality with Ctrl/Shift + mouse click.
    • Copy/paste files and their absolute or relative paths.
    • Use special icons for different file types.
  • Outline

    • Show cells grouped in sections.
    • Add default name to all cells.
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