Analog Devices 眼睛里的自由与开源软件

发布于 2010年08月16日
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Free and Open-Source Software—An Analog Devices Perspective
[Development] Posted Aug 12, 2010 20:42 UTC (Thu) by jake
Analog Devices 眼睛里的自由与开源软件

Analog Devices 公司(美国模拟器件公司),面向嵌入式系统开发者的Blackfin CPU 和一系列输入输出设备制造商,拿出了一份意在帮助客户了解自由与开源软件(FOSS)的白皮书。尽管它采用的是针对ADI设备的例子,对许多努力试手FOSS的嵌入式开发者可能会很有用。“嵌入式市场FOSS的流行是被简单的经济驱动所左右的--因为它降低了软件成本,加速了产品的市场化。它把‘从零做起’式的开发者变作了一个系统级的集成者,让其致力于添加功能,异化特性,以形成自己的产品,而不是一再地重筑同样的基础构架。这是唯一被证明可行的能跳出失控的软件开发开销之怪圈的开发方法。

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), maker of the Blackfin CPU and a wide variety of input and output devices targeted at embedded system designers, has put together a white paper for its customers to help them understand free and open source software (FOSS). While it uses examples specific to ADI devices, it would be useful to many embedded developers who are trying to wrap their heads around FOSS. "The popularity of FOSS in the embedded markets is dominated by simple economic motivation—it lowers software costs and hastens time to market. It turns "roll-your-own" developers into system-level integrators who can focus on adding value and differentiating features of their products rather than reproducing the same base infrastructure over and over again. It is the only proven methodology to reel in out-of-control software development costs."
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