Chromeplus for Windows 发布

发布于 2010年08月13日
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该版本基于 Chromium 5.0.375.126,详细改进内容如下:

Release Notes:(13 Aug 2010)

  1. New feature: Add a build-in chromeplus download manager, and downloading can be continue after restart browser by click "chromeplus download manager" in
  2. the Spanner menu.
  3. New feature: Improve mouse gesture, and also fix trembling problem.
  4. New feature: Reconstruct chromeplus option page.
  5. New feature: Sync chromeplus options to google server, except the start-up options and adblock rules.
  6. New feature: Add soso and sogou search engines in default search engine list in chinese version.
  7. New feature: Support download tool flashget in context menu.
  8. New feature: Add "remove from harddisk" & "remove from list" in the download page.
  9. New feature: Add an entry to Internet option in chromeplus option page.
  10. Bug fix: Resolved the possible crash when closing the browser after IE mode switched.
  11. Bug fix: Can not go back to the previous position in IE mode.
  12. Bug fix: Bookmark folder can't be expanded automatically.
  13. Bug fix: Wrong url shown in address bar when a page can not be opened under ie mode, something like "res://ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm***".
  14. Bug fix: Resolved the pseudo-die when closing the ICBC page.
  15. Bug fix: Can't download file if there are special words in URL.
  16. Bug fix: Non-english url can not be shown correctly in the status bar.
  17. Bug fix: A blank tab opened when click a link in gmail.
  18. Bug fix: Make the underline of hyperlink not too close to the text.
  19. Bug fix: Show desktop context menu when the last tab closed for 'Right click tab area to close the page'.
  20. Bug fix: Update Korean adblock rules' subscription address.
  21. Bug fix: Change "IEHost.exe" to "IETabKernel.exe" as there is an adv process which has the same name and make users confusing.
  22. Bug fix: Some links do not have under-line.
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