Apache Maven 2.1.0 发布

发布于 2009年03月25日
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Maven 除了以程序构建能力为特色之外,还提供 Ant 所缺少的高级项目管理工具。由于 Maven 的缺省构建规则有较高的可重用性,所以常常用两三行 Maven 构建脚本就可以构建简单的项目,而使用 Ant 则需要十几行。事实上,由于 Maven 的面向项目的方法,许多 Apache Jakarta 项目现在使用 Maven,而且公司项目采用 Maven 的比例在持续增长。


* [MNG-1830] - add a 'compiled on <timestamp>' label when maven 2 is invoked with --version option
* [MNG-1957] - <jdk></jdk> clause in the activation section has to provide more complex expressions.
* [MNG-3424] - Respect ordering of elements as given in POM
* [MNG-3451] - Add german translation
* [MNG-3503] - Shade MX* classes from plexus-utils
* [MNG-3544] - Beautify debug output for mojo parameters of type array
* [MNG-3600] - remove default settings of 664 / 775 for permissions
* [MNG-3787] - Add plugin version to default reports
* [MNG-3794] - Improve error logging when downloading depedencies
* [MNG-3795] - Add example <pluginGroups> snippet to conf/settings.xml in distribution
* [MNG-3867] - Support MAVEN_OPTS in mvnDebug script
* [MNG-3951] - Hide drive-relative paths from plugins
* [MNG-3971] - Provide parity in features between native ant-mojo support and antrun plugin
* [MNG-3975] - getArtifact(Artifact artifact, List remoteRepositories) should include Exception in debug log messages.
* [MNG-4024] - Open up CLIManager
* [MNG-4037] - Include Java home in version information
* [MNG-4057] - Propose checking of plugin artifact when plugin descriptor cannot be found
* [MNG-4075] - Tone down warnings about reactor dependencies that don't have an associated file
* [MNG-4091] - Validate the plugin descriptors and improve error reporting when mismatched with artifact
* [MNG-4092] - remove plugin listeners for minor memory improvement and to avoid scanning descriptors from dependencies of plugins


* [MNG-553] - Secure Storage of Server Passwords
* [MNG-2097] - adding a phase called prepare-package
* [MNG-3379] - Parallel resolution of artifacts
* [MNG-3760] - Support property ${baseurl} to get RFC-compliant URL of project base directory
* [MNG-3914] - Add CLI option to control location of global settings from command line


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