Padre 0.68 发布,Perl开发工具

发布于 2010年07月28日
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Padre 是一个为 Perl 语言开发者提供的集成开发环境,提供了语法高亮和代码重构功能。

Padre 0.68 改进内容:

1. A hyphen is used to a separate the current versus native names of the languages in the View menu.
2. An additional translated string is not shown for the language that is currently active.
3. The advanced feature "feature_fontsize" can now disable a font change.
4. Integration with the PPI::Transform API for modifying Perl documents was added, so the transform objects can modify Padre documents.
5. The "Move POD to __END__" refactoring was added.
6. Actions now only need to be declared once.
7. Directory-first and directory-mixed configurability were added.
8. Many other changes were made

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