Raspbian 2019-06-20 发布,针对树莓派优化的 Linux 系统

发布于 2019年06月25日
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Raspbian 2019-06-20 发布了,Raspbian 是针对 Raspberry Pi 专门优化、基于 Debian 的 Raspbian OS。它面向 Raspberry Pi 硬件(armhf 处理器架构)而做了优化。

这款 OS 对浮点运算有更好的支持,能为用户带来更快的上网浏览体验。另外在固件、核心、应用方面也都有了改进,而且据称它是最适合普通用户使用的 OS。

* Based on Debian Buster
* Support for Raspberry Pi 4 hardware
* FKMS OpenGL desktop graphics driver and xcompmgr compositing window manager used when running on Raspberry Pi 4
* Screen Configuration application added for use with FKMS driver
* Raspberry Pi 4 video output options added to Raspberry Pi Configuration
* Uses new PiXflat UI theme for GTK and Openbox
* CPU activity gauge plugin no longer shown on taskbar by default
* CPU temperature gauge plugin added (not shown by default)
* USB ejecter and Bluetooth taskbar icons hidden when not appropriate
* Version 74.0.3729.157 of Chromium web browser included
* Version of Flash player included
* IDLE Python IDE removed
* Wolfram Mathematica removed temporarily due to incompatibility with Buster
* Display of package sizes removed from Recommended Software
* Appearance Settings modified to support independent settings for two monitors
* Oracle Java 7 and 8 replaced with OpenJDK 11
* Miscellaneous small bug fixes
* On-board 5GHz WiFi blocked by rfkill by default
The block is removed when taking one of the following actions:
- Selecting a locale in the first run wizard
- Setting the WiFi country in the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool or the Network Settings applet
- Setting the WiFi country in raspi-config
- Providing a wpa_supplicant.conf file through the boot partition
- Running 'rfkill unblock wifi'
* Boot partition size set to 256M
* Linux kernel 4.19.50
* Raspberry Pi firmware 88ca9081f5e51cdedd16d5dbc85ed12a25123201
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