TestLink 1.8.0 发布

发布于 2009年03月24日
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TestLink 今天发布了 1.8.0 版本,这是一个主要的更新,包含很多功能的提升例如 SOAP接口、事件日志、测试优先级等,当然也提升了稳定些、性能以及修正一些bug。



  • Testlink API - XML/RPC support for get Test results from scripts/external tools. Read more .
  • Audit of User actions  (action logging browsable via GUI).
  • Test prioritization (redesigned).
  • Basic support for test automation control from GUI (experimental).
  • Improved performance (especially test execution is significantly faster).
  • Import requirements from document format (like OpenOffice, MSWord) via DocBook.
  • New chart engine (GD library is used to render real pictures instead of flash technology. Users can save/convert graphic reports now).
  • Project related tet case ID (Each project has own prefix and test case ID consists from this prefix and number. This number is unique in a Test project and hold consquence. I.e. ID of the last Test case equals the count of all Test Case).


  • A few localizations are not up-to-date.
  • API and test automation is in experimental mode.
  • Export/Import has not fully support multibyte characters.
  • EXT-JS tree menu doesn't support filter for inner levels.
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