JavaMelody 1.77.0 发布,Java 应用监控平台

发布于 2019年04月22日
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JavaMelody 1.77.0 发布了,JavaMelody 是一个监控系统,目标是在 QA 和生产环境中监控 Java 或 Java EE 应用程序。


  • fix: When using Spring and LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy or other DelegatingDatasource, exclude it from the monitoring if the target datasource is already monitored (d6ced5c).
  • added: ability to upload heap dump files to AWS S3 (PR 810, thanks to Salah Qasem). See doc(scroll down if the target page does not scroll to the right chapter).
  • added: in the database reports, added support for MariaDB (PR 820, thanks to Vicente Rossello Jaume).
  • improved: in the Jenkins Monitoring plugin, better aggregation of http requests. The javamelody parameter used by default in this plugin is now -Djavamelody.http-transform-pattern=/\\d+/|(?<=/static/|/adjuncts/|/bound/)[\\w\\-]+|(?<=/ws/|/user/|/testReport/|/javadoc/|/site/|/violations/file/|/cobertura/).+|(?<=/job/).+(?=/descriptorByName/).
  • added: Italian translations (ffc028f, thanks to Gianluca Maiorino)
  • added: Ukrainian translations (073bc6d, thanks to Yevgen Lasman)
  • To contribute in your own language, join the translation project at
  • You can already monitor the executions of methods using SpringEJB or CDI or simple interfaces. But if you want to monitor only a piece of code without creating a method around that piece of code, you can do now like the following and the results will be displayed in the statistics (18ed237):
    try (Stopwatch stopwatch = new Stopwatch("name you want")) {
        // your piece of code



Source code(zip)

Source code(tar.gz)

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