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发布于 2019年02月10日
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MKVToolNix v31.0.0 发布了。MKVToolNix(又叫 Matroska toolkit)是一套功能强大的 mkv(Matroska) 格式制作和处理的工具,支持将多种视频、音频、字幕等格式封装成 mkv 格式。


  • all programs: added a new option --abort-on-warnings that will cause the program to abort after it has emitted the first warning, similar to how it aborts after the first error. Implements #2493.

  • mkvmerge, mkvextract: when closing files that were opened for writing, cached data will not be flushed to storage automatically anymore. This reverts the workaround implemented for #2469. A new option was added to both programs (--flush-on-close) that re-enables flushing for people who are affected by data loss such as described in #2469. The reason is that automatic flushing causes long delays in processing queues when the output by mkvmerge/mkvextract isn’t the final product but just an intermediate result to be processed further. Implements #2480.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the dialog previewing different character sets for text subtitles will now keep the position of the displayed text when switching between character sets. Implements #2489.

Bug 修复

  • mkvmerge: AVI reader: using DV type 1 AVIs will now result in an unsupported file type being reported (as the underlying AVI library doesn’t support them) instead of crashing mkvmerge. Fixes #2491.

  • mkvmerge: HEVC: the height of interlaced streams will now be set correctly to the height of the full frame instead of the height of a single interlaced field. Fixes #2446.

  • mkvmerge: MP4 reader: edit lists consisting solely of elements that mkvmerge doesn’t support (such as dwells) are simply ignored. Before no data was read for such tracks at all. Fixes #2487.

  • mkvmerge: text subtitles: entries with an explicit duration of 0ms will now be handled correctly: the 0ms duration will be stored in Matroska instead of the difference between the current and the following entry. Fixes #2490.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer, chapter editor: fixed drag & drop handling with Qt 5.12.0 and newer. Fixes #2472.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the GUI did not clean up temporary files created when running mkvmerge. Fixes #2499.


  • Qt 5.4.0 or newer has required (up from 5.3.0) since version 30.0.0; I just forgot to include this entry.



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