XWiki 10.11.2 发布,协作式应用开发平台

发布于 2019年01月29日
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XWiki 10.11.2 发布了,XWiki 是一个用 Java 编写的开源 wiki 和应用平台。它的开发平台特性允许创建协作式 Web 应用,同时也提供了构建于平台之上的打包应用(第二代 wiki,又名应用程序 wiki)。与第一代 wiki 是用于内容协作不同,第二代 wiki 可用于创建协作式 Web 应用程序。XWiki 同时兼具两代 wiki 功能。

XWiki CommonsXWiki Rendering 与 XWiki Platform 一起发布并具有相同的版本。

此版本主要是 bug 修复:

  • XWIKI-16066 Pages deleted during extension upgrade should not lead to activity event being stored

  • XWIKI-16042 Upgrade to CKEditor Integration 1.30

  • XWIKI-16041 The page parameter of the display macro can't be used

  • XWIKI-16037 Getting UnsupportedOperationException in an asynchronous or cached panel if not context element has been provided

  • XWIKI-16029 MessageSenderMacro still depends on Main.Activity

  • XWIKI-16024 Selecting an option from the drop-down that lists available Skins navigates to the page

  • XWIKI-16020 Changing the width of the right panel column using "Page Administration : Panels" moves them to the bottom of the page

  • XWIKI-15960 White font text on grey background appears in the Supported Languages list

  • XWIKI-15930 Importing office documents with special chars in file name breaks embedded images

  • XCOMMONS-1559 FilterConversionFinished implements BeginFoldEvent

  • XCOMMONS-1557 Random warning log - Could not find any matching step



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