uBeeDisk 1.5.0 发布,磁盘复制工具

发布于 2010年07月08日
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uBeeDisk 是一个用来拷贝磁盘和映像文件的工具。


1. improved access to 'remote' disks and fixed some problems with the 'retry1' value.
2. The 'retry1' value when copying now defaults to 30 or 1 if the input type is 'remote'.
3. A low value for 'remote' is required as too many retries were being made on native hardware for general usage.
4. The 'retry1' value when scanning now defaults to 5 or 1 if the input type is set to 'remote'.
5. The --retry-l1 option can be used to override the 'retry1' value for 'scan' commands.
6. A fix was made to the 'retry1' value so that the default value of 30 can be changed when using the --retry-l1 option

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