Mastodon 2.7.0 RC3 发布,开源社交网络服务器

来源: 投稿
作者: 程六金
2019-01-20 07:11:00

Mastodon 是一个免费的开源社交网络程序,一个商业平台的替代方案,避免了单个公司垄断你沟通的风险。选择你信任的服务器,无论选择的是哪个,你都可以与其他人进行互动。任何人都可以运行自己的 Mastodon 实例,并无缝地参与到社交网络中。

2.7.0rc3 主要亮点如下:


  • Add tootctl domains crawl (#9809)

  • Add attachment list fallback to public pages (#9780)

  • Add tootctl --version (#9835)

  • Add information about how to opt-in to the directory on the directory (#9834)

  • Add timeouts for S3 (#9842)

  • Add support for non-public reblogs from ActivityPub (#9841)

  • Add sending of Reject activity when sending a Block activity (#9811)


  • Hide floating action button on search and getting started pages (#9826)

  • Redesign public hashtag page to use a masonry layout (#9822)

  • Use summary as summary instead of content warning for converted ActivityPub objects (#9823)

  • Display a double reply arrow on public pages for toots that are replies (#9808)

  • Change admin UI right panel size to be wider (#9768)


  • Fix scrollbar width compensation (#9824)

  • Fix race conditions when processing deleted toots (#9815)

  • Fix SSO issues on WebKit browsers by disabling Same-Site cookie again (#9819)

  • Fix empty OEmbed error (#9807)

  • Fix drag & drop modal not disappearing sometimes (#9797)

  • Fix statuses with content warnings being displayed in web push notifications sometimes (#9778)

  • Fix scroll-to-detailed status not working on public pages (#9773)

  • Fix media modal loading indicator (#9771)

  • Fix hashtag search results not having a permalink fallback in web UI (#9810)

  • Fix slightly cropped font on settings page dropdowns when using system font (#9839)

  • Fix not being able to drag & drop text into forms (#9840)


  • Add tombstones for remote statuses to prevent replay attacks (#9830)


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