Percona Toolkit 3.0.13 发布,MySQL 管理工具包

发布于 2019年01月11日
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Percona Toolkit 3.0.13 发布了,Percona Toolkit 是一组高级的命令行工具,用来管理 MySQL 和系统任务。

Bug 修复:

  • PT-1673pt-show-grants was incompatible with MariaDB 10+ (thanks Tim Birkett)

  • PT-1638pt-online-schema-change was erroneously taking MariaDB 10.x for MySQL 8.0 and rejecting to work with it to avoid the upstream bug #89441 scope.

  • PT-1616pt-table-checksum failed to resume on large tables with binary strings containing invalid UTF-8 characters.

  • PT-1573pt-query-digest didn’t work in case of log_timestamps = SYSTEM my.cnf option.

  • PT-157: Specifying a non-primary key index with the ‘i’ part of the --source argument made pt-archiver to ignore the --primary-key-only option presence.


  • PT-1340pt-stalk now doesn’t call mysqladmin debug command by default to avoid flooding in the error log. CMD_MYSQLADMIN="mysqladmin debug" environment variable reverts pt-stalk to the previous way of operation.

  • PT-1637: A new --fail-on-stopped-replication option  allows pt-table-checksum to detect failing slave nodes.

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