Fastlane 2.113.0 发布,跨平台移动自动化开发流程工具

发布于 2019年01月09日
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Fastlane 2.113.0 发布了,Fastlane 是一个针对 iOS 和 Android 全方位开发自动化流程的工具。利用目前支持的工具可以做包含自动化和可持续化构建的每个环节,比如单元测试、截图、分发渠道、上传元数据和 ipa 包提交审核等等。


  • [match] update fastlane match init to support Google Cloud Storage (#13868) via Felix Krause

  • [gemspec] raise upper limit on Bundler version to include 2.x.x (#14024) via Kristofer Rye

  • [helpers] ignore Carthage directory while searching for xcodeproj packages (#14000) via Berk Çebi

  • [spaceship] fixed app trailer preview being deleted by Ruby by the time the upload finishes (#14028) via Peter Tutervai

  • [spaceship] fix getting reviews on apps with no reviews (#14027) via Henry Howeson

  • [action] add labels to create_pull_request (#13981) via Josh Holtz

  • [spaceship] fixed deprecated call using Faraday (#14018) via Peter Tutervai

  • [] fix bundle ID update in patched entitlements (#13902) via Matt Holgate

  • [deliver] add missing require (#13972) via Sébastien Lorber

  • [match] fix change password to add files and fix breaking change on cert import (#13983) via Josh Holtz

  • [snapshot] sort screenshots.html by screen name (#13795) via Claes Jacobsson

  • [spaceship] improve TunesClient request retry (#13878) via Jan Piotrowski

  • [spaceship] fix logging to not crash when used in Threads (#13954) via Jan Piotrowski

  • [spaceship] added option to spaceship to be able to release version to all users while on phased release (#13941) via polmum

  • [match] check exit status of security command (#13967) via Stefan Natchev

  • [fastlane] fix support for specifying android emulator serial (#13946) via Raymond Hoagland


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