Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 发布,第一个里程碑版本

发布于 2019年01月08日
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Phoronix Test Suite 是一个全面的测试和基准测试平台。可用于 Linux、Solaris、Mac、Windows 和 BSD 系统的测试。Phoronix Test Suite 从执行测试到输出报告,均以自动化测试方式进行。

Phoronix Test Suite 是在 GNU GPL v3 许可下的开源软件,由 Phoronix Media 和 其他合作伙伴功能开发。

Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 development 快照已经发布,更新如下:

  • Some minor updates/tweaks for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with now considering that an officially supported platform.

  • A new phoronix-test-suite compare-results-to-baseline sub-command for comparing two result files with treating the first argument as the performance baseline and providing various statistics off that.

  • A new phoronix-test-suite recently-added-tests sub-command to show new test profiles on, making it easier to see just recently introduced tests as opposed to phoronix-test-suite openbenchmarking-changes that has long been available but is a mix of new and updated tests.

  • A new ShowPostRunStatistics user configuration (enabled by default) with now at the end of saved benchmark runs to provide various statistics based upon the benchmark result data.

  • The inline result displays for the terminal output now supports displaying box plot graphs for line graph data. Previously such data from sensor outputs, frame time benchmark results, and other data would only show minimum/average/maximum data, but now it's also presented as box plots in the terminal to complement the other text-based result graphs.

  • Phodevi picked up better support for detecting multiple network adapters of the same type. Phodevi also now supports parsing the LXQt desktop version as opposed to just reporting LXQt.

你可以在 Github 下载最 Phoronix Test Suite 8.6 development 快照。

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