Apache Qpid Broker-J 7.1.0 发布,消息代理工具

发布于 2019年01月06日
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Apache Qpid Broker-J 7.1.0 已发布,Apache Qpid Broker-J 是一个用 Java 编写的消息代理,它使用 AMQP 1.0, 0-10, 0-9-1, 0-9 和 0-8 存储、路由和转发消息。该版本带来了新特性和改进,修复若干bug:


  • QPID-6933 - [Broker-J][System Tests]Factor out a JMS client neutral messaging test suite from system tests

  • QPID-7153 - [Broker-J] Allow expired messages to be sent to DLQ

  • QPID-7197 - [Broker-J] Prevent deletion of objects that are in use

  • QPID-7543 - [Broker-J][WMC] Add UI for UserOrConnectionSpecific LogInclusionRule

  • QPID-7567 - [Broker-J] Select appropriate certificate for TLS based on SNIServerName

  • QPID-7694 - [Broker-J] Add 0-8..0-10 wire queue declare argument for holds on publish

  • QPID-7873 - [Broker-J] Delete store notion confused

  • QPID-7885 - [Broker-J] Support Java 9 and 11

  • QPID-7925 - [Broker-J] [WMC] Add ability to maintain rule-based access control provider for virtualhost

  • QPID-8064 - [Broker-J] FileKeyStore should validate java keystore content to make sure that private key is present

  • QPID-8083 - [Broker-J][REST] Refactor REST system test suite

  • QPID-8085 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0] Optimize the sending of flow performatives from broker sending link endpoint

  • QPID-8088 - [Broker-J]Pull-up bindingAdress attribute to Port

  • QPID-8089 - [Broker-J][HTTP Management] Activate dynamically added HTTP ports on creation

  • QPID-8091 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 1.0] Store transaction timeout feature

  • QPID-8101 - [Broker-J] [Web Management Console] Add ability to close more than one connection at once

  • QPID-8102 - [Broker-J][Web Management Console] Add UI for virtual host node auto-creation policies

  • QPID-8110 - [Broker-J] Add ability to check ERRORED state of entire configured object hierarchy on broker startup

  • QPID-8123 - [Broker-J] [BDB Test] Remove compile time dependency on Qpid JMS Client AMQP 0-x

  • QPID-8132 - [Broker-J] Refresh Apache BCEL dependency to 6.2

  • QPID-8133 - [Broker-J] Refresh Commons-CLI dependency (1.4)

  • QPID-8136 - [Broker-J] Upgrade Jackson dependencies

  • QPID-8143 - [Broker-J] Properly validate @ManagedAttributeValueTypes, and allow for factory methods

  • QPID-8147 - [Broker-J] Report first 8 received bytes as part of operational log message for unsupported protocol header

  • QPID-8150 - [Broker-J] Prevent test failures due to slow initialisation of hostname resolution in HostnameAliasImpl

  • QPID-8151 - [Broker-J] Refresh mechanism that underpins unit tests

  • QPID-8158 - [Broker-J] [System Tests] Refactor BDB HA system tests

  • QPID-8163 - [Broker-J] [ACL] Owner ACL rules

  • QPID-8166 - [Broker-J] Remove use of ${QPID_HOME}/etc from default configuration

  • QPID-8181 - [Broker-J] Add statistics for a total number of connections established on AMQP port

  • QPID-8193 - [Broker-J] Updating maximum / minimum TTL on a queue does not affect messages already in the queue (until restart)

  • QPID-8195 - [Broker-J] Improve AmqpErrorException#toString

  • QPID-8204 - [Broker-J] Add statistics to report the maximum size of incoming messages

  • QPID-8214 - [Broker-J] Reduce the table names size in the JDBC configuration store to fit Oracle's 30 characters limitation

  • QPID-8224 - [Broker-J][WMC] Add UI to configure exchange unroutable message behaviour for AMQP 1.0

  • QPID-8227 - [Broker-J] Replace qpidbrokerversion.properties with jar metadata

  • QPID-8232 - [Broker-J] Disabling logging using log level OFF is not respected by the logging framework

  • QPID-8238 - [Broker-J] Improve performance of asynchronous publishing of transient messages into topic exchange having queues bound using non-overlapping selectors

  • QPID-8240 - [Broker-J] Detect idle connections

  • QPID-8241 - [Broker-J] Remove use of javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter

  • QPID-8242 - [Broker-J] JDBC store should remove message content/metadata asynchronously

  • QPID-8243 - [Broker-J] Optimize logback turbo filter implemented to provide a workaround for Logback1027

  • QPID-8244 - [Broker-J] Optimize fanout exchange routing functionality

  • QPID-8245 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 0-8..0-91] Decode FieldTable fields on demand

  • QPID-8247 - [Broker-J] Upgrade mockito to 2.x

  • QPID-8256 - [Broker-J] Update Guava to version 27.0

  • QPID-8258 - [Broker-J] Upgrade dojotoolkit to version 1.14

  • QPID-8259 - [Broker-J] Upgrade Jetty to version 9.4.12.v20180830

  • QPID-8260 - [Broker-J] Add support for provided preferences store into Derby and JDBC system configs

  • QPID-8261 - [Broker-J] Change broker model version to 7.1

Bug 修复

  • QPID-7541 - [Broker-J] Close Consumers when a Queue is deleted

  • QPID-7642 - [Broker-J] Create binding operations on exchanges should fail when invalid selector is provided as part of binding arguments

  • QPID-7830 - [Broker-J] Heap dominated by duplicates of common routing values / header values etc

  • QPID-7948 - [Broker-J] [AMQP0-9] [Publish Confirms] Client hangs if message sent to topic within no subscribers

  • QPID-7996 - [Broker-J] Make operations regarding link registry thread safe

  • QPID-8014 - [Broker-J][WMC] Loading of WMC fails on systems with high CPU usage

  • QPID-8066 - [Broker-J] Virtual host logger rules are left over in configuration store after deletion of virtual host logger on provided virtual host causing virtualhost restart failure

  • QPID-8067 - [Broker-J] Default queue filter for arrival time with non-zero replay period does not filter messages as documented

  • QPID-8081 - [Broker-J] FileLogger with "roll on restart" set to "true" does not roll log file on broker restart when "roll daily" is "true"

  • QPID-8096 - [Broker-J] PUTting a user preference to the BDB backed configuration store fails with NPE

  • QPID-8098 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 0-10] Queue browsers erroneously increment the delivery count

  • QPID-8099 - [Broker-J] [AMQP Management] Operation Queue#getMessageInfo response returned as serialised java object rather list of maps

  • QPID-8100 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 0-10] SESSION_BUSY sent on wrong channel leading to hung Messaging API based application

  • QPID-8106 - [Broker-J] [Alternate Binding] On virtualhost recovery, message "Gave up waiting for Queue 'xxxx' to attain state" written to the log and startup delayed

  • QPID-8114 - [Broker-J] Attempting to use an unknown filter type incorrectly causes connection closure with a decode error

  • QPID-8117 - [Broker-J] Table prefix of JDBC Virtual Host Node is ignored by preferences store

  • QPID-8137 - [Broker-J] NPE is reported into broker logs on broker shutdown/restart when AMQP port is in ERRORED state due to port being bound by other process

  • QPID-8140 - [Broker-J][BDB HA] Removal of non existing group member can end up in broker crash due to uncaught MemberNotFoundException

  • QPID-8156 - [Broker-J] Heap memory is leaked on deletion of virtual host node

  • QPID-8157 - [Broker-J] Deletion of Virtual Host Node fails to clean-up properly all Virtual Host/Virtual Host Node resources

  • QPID-8160 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 1.0] AccessControlException when creating sending link reported as amqp:internal-error rather than amqp:unauthorised-access

  • QPID-8164 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 1.0] [BINDMAP] Dynamic nodes created with the temporary-queue capability do not enforce connection exclusivity

  • QPID-8165 - [Broker-J][WMC] Validation of configured object names is too restrictive in Web Management Console

  • QPID-8167 - [Broker-J] Broker command line option '-mmqv/--management-mode-quiesce-virtualhosts' does not quiesce virtual hosts

  • QPID-8171 - [Broker-J] Failed to start broker under Windows when QPID_JAVA_GC is set

  • QPID-8172 - [Broker-J] OAuth2 authentication provider should not mandate setting of client secret

  • QPID-8182 - [Broker-J] [Message Conversion] Message id fidelity lost when converting from AMQP 1.0 to 0-10 when message-id-string carries a ID: prefixed UUID

  • QPID-8191 - [Broker-J][WMC] Memory logger logs are not displayed in the log viewer UI

  • QPID-8192 - [Broker-J] Make bindingKey parameter mandatory in exchange bind/unbind operations

  • QPID-8194 - [Broker-J][Protocol Tests] [AMQP 1.0] TransferTests seen to fail on Windows

  • QPID-8196 - [Broker-J] [WMC] Edit form controls are not populated with current values

  • QPID-8198 - [Broker-J][Documentation] Account headers in formula for estimation of heap size

  • QPID-8199 - [Broker-J] Fix description for bind/unbind operations

  • QPID-8201 - [Broker-J] [AMQP1.0] Queue backing temporary subscription deleted twice during link close

  • QPID-8202 - [Broker-J][AMQP 0-8...0-91] Large flowed to disk message can be re-loaded from store for every content chunk sent to the client

  • QPID-8203 - [Broker-J][AMQP 0-8...0-91] [CVE-2018-8030] Denial of Service Vulnerability when AMQP 0-8...0-91 messages exceed maximum size limit

  • QPID-8213 - [Broker-J] InputStream is not closed in SSLUtil#readCertificates(URL)

  • QPID-8215 - [Broker-J] The link-store fails to create its tables with Sybase

  • QPID-8216 - [Broker-J] Operational log message CHN-1011 about moving message to dead letter queue is not reported

  • QPID-8219 - [Broker-J] Authentication results are cached in SimpleLdap and OAUTH2 authentication providers per connection basis

  • QPID-8223 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 1.0] Broker can stop delivering messages when sending link delivery-count value exceeds Integer.MAX_VALUE, wraps around and turns negative

  • QPID-8225 - [Broker-J][AMQP 0-10] stops delivering queue/consumer messages after 4 GB data transfer

  • QPID-8230 - [Broker-J] Virtual Host children can be partially recovered and left in memory on failed Virtual Host startup

  • QPID-8231 - [Broker-J] [AMQP 0-8...0-9-1] Broker crashes on delivery of messages from queue having attribute 'messageGroupKeyOverride' set to an empty string

  • QPID-8233 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0] Failure on connecting to a virtual host which is not yet active should use connection-forced error

  • QPID-8236 - [Broker-J] [BDB HA] Changing of group name, address or node name in BDB HA virtual host node should be disallowed

  • QPID-8253 - [Broker-J] NPE is thrown in QpidBestFitX509KeyManager when null is returned from SSLEngine.getSSLParameters().getServerNames()

  • QPID-8254 - [Broker-J] Illegal ascii characters are used in keystore passwords

  • QPID-8257 - [Broker-J] Sybase message store not supporting empty messages

  • QPID-8264 - [Broker-J] ClassCastException are thrown on creation and update of VirtualHostUserOrConnectionLogInclusionRule

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