KDevelop 5.3.1 发布,跨平台 IDE

发布于 2018年12月22日
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KDevelop 5.3.1 已发布,这是一个 bug 修复版本,没有引入新特性,建议目前使用 KDevelop 5.3.0 的用户升级。

KDevelop-Project 诞生于 1998 年,其目的是为 KDE 提供一个易用的 IDE,它支持多种语言,是一个用于 C、C ++、Python、JavaScript 和 PHP 的跨平台 IDE。



  • Remove the CVS plugin. This was unusable and would crash if used in most cases, but accidentally remained in 5.3.0 (commit. code review D8950)

  • Don't add 'override' specifier for non-modern project settings. (commit. fixes bug #372280. code review D16773)

  • Use qCWarning in path.cpp. (commit. code review D17174)

  • Fix qmakeproject unittest to work on Windows. (commit. code review D17158)

  • Fix defines and includes test to run on Windows. (commit. code review D17156)

  • Fix projectmodel unittest to work on Windows. (commit. code review D17130)

  • Make the filteringstrategy test work on Windows as well. (commit. code review D17098)

  • Fix problem model test on Windows. Make sure that when we create a path the root of that path is created according to what is expected on the current platform. E.g. C: on Windows. (commit. code review D17131)

  • Appimage: use original app desktop file as base for appimage one. (commit. code review D17027)

  • Make test outputmodel pass on windows. (commit. code review D17077)

  • Increase timeout for duchain gcc compatibility test. (commit. code review D16541)

  • Auto-find Clazy documentation also with clazy >= 1.4. (commit. fixes bug #401075. code review D16910)

  • Disable plugin project config if project without a IBuildSystemManager dep. (commit. fixes bug #400769. code review D16915)

  • Appimage: Do not bundle libfontconfig. (commit. code review D16893)

  • Cmake: fix missing addition of policies to documentation index. (commit. code review D15882)

  • FunctionDefinition: only look for (new/other) function definition if we don't have one. (commit. code review D16356)

  • Fix memleaks in duchain unittests. (commit. code review D16458)


  • Remove two outdated methods from shipped built-in documentation


  • Fix handling of array indexes after ClassNameReferences. (commit. fixes bug #401278)

  • Fix syntax support for dynamic member access. (commit. fixes bug #400294. code review D16461)



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