Tomcat 7.0.1 的改进内容 (trunk)

发布于 2010年07月04日
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尽管 Tomcat 7.0.1 还没正式定稿,如果你非常的急,可以通过 Tomcat 的 SVN ( 来获取该版本的代码并自行编译。

下面是 Tomcat 7.0.1 的改进内容,主要都是bug的修复,这些内容可能还会进一步补充:


    fix    49528: HttpServletRequest.isAsyncStarted() now returns true when a Runnable is started! Reported by Pieter Libin (pero)
    fix    GSOC 2010. Continue work to align MBean descriptors with reality. Patch provided by Chamith Buddhika. (markt)
    fix    When running under a security manager, enforce package access and package definition restrictions defined in the file. (markt)
    fix    When using a Loader configured with searchExternalFirst="true" failure to find the class in an external repository should not prevent searching of the local repositories. (markt)
    add    Add entryPoint support to the CSRF prevention filter. (markt)
    fix    49030: When initializing/starting/stopping connectors and one of them fails, do not ignore the others. (markt/kkolinko)
    fix    49230: Enhance JRE leak prevention listener with protection for the keep-alive thread started by Based on a patch provided by Rob Kooper. (markt)
    fix    49414: When reporting threads that may have triggered a memory leak on web application stop, attempt to differentiate between request processing threads and threads started by the application. (markt)

    add    Add support for *.jar pattern in VirtualWebappLoader. (kkolinko)
    add    Use a LockOutRealm in the default configuration to prevent attempts to guess user passwords by brute-force. (markt)
    fix    49525: Ensure cookies for the ROOT context have a path of / rather than an empty string. (markt)
    fix    49530: Contexts and Servlets not stopped when Tomcat is shut down. (markt)
    fix    49536: If no ROOT context is deployed, ensure a 404 rather than a 200 is returned for requests that don't map to any other context. (markt)
    add    Additional debug logging in StandardContext to provide information on Manager selection. (markt)


    fix    Start JioEndpoint timeout thread, to inform AsyncListner as async timeout is detected and application thread doesn't finished the request. (pero)


    update    Remove references to Jikes since it does not support Java 6. (markt)
    fix    Correct over zealous type checking for EL in attributes that broke the use of JSF convertors. (markt)
    fix    Correct algorithm used to identify correct method to use when a MethodExpressions is used in EL. (markt)


    fix    49445: When session ID is changed after authentication, ensure the DeltaManager replicates the change in ID to the other nodes in the cluster. (kfujino)

Web applications

    fix    49112: Update the ROOT web application's index page. Patch provided by pid. (markt)
    fix    49213: Add the permissions necessary to enable the Manager application to operate currently when running with a security manager. (markt)
    fix    49436: Correct documented default for readonly attribute of the UserDatabase component. (markt)
    fix    49475: Use new role name for manager application access on the ROOT web application's index page. (markt)
    fix    49476: CSRF protection was preventing access to the session expiration features. Also switch the manager application to the generic CSRF protection filter. (markt)
    fix    Better handle failure to create directories required for new hosts in the Host Manager application. (markt)
    fix    Switch the Host Manager application to the generic CSRF protection for the HTML interface and prevent started hosts from being started and stopped hosts from being stopped.
    fix    49518: Fix typo in extras documentation. (markt)
    fix    49522: Fix regression due to change of name for MBeans for naming resources that broke the complete server status page in the manager application. Note these MBeans now have a new name. (markt)

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