Dgraph 1.0.11 发布,事务性的分布式图形数据库

发布于 2018年12月19日
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Dgraph 1.0.10 已发布,Dgraph 是一个可扩展的,分布式的,低延迟的图数据库,目标是提供 Google 生产水平的规模和吞吐量,在超过 TB 的结构数据里,为用户提供足够低延迟的实时查询。Dgraph 支持 GraphQL 作为查询语言,响应 JSON。


  • Integrate OpenCensus in Dgraph. (#2739) (eccd2509e7fa05)

  • Add Dgraph Community License for proprietary features.

  • Feature: Full binary backups. This is an enterprise feature licensed under the Dgraph Community License. (#2710)

  • Add --enterprise_features flag to enable enterprise features. By enabling enterprise features, you accept the terms of the Dgraph Community License.

  • Add minio dep and its deps in govendor. (94daeaf35a73e8)

  • Add network partitioning tests with blockade tool. (fd4e387dada74fe59cbfb50b04843c4df36bec18bcc8ccb94)

  • Add Zero endpoints /assign?what=uids&num=10 and /assign?what=timestamps&num=10 to assign UIDs or transaction timestamp leases.

  • Adding the acl subcommand to support acl features (still work-in-progress). (#2795)

  • Support custom tokenizer in bulk loader (#2820)

  • Support JSON data with Dgraph Bulk Loader. (#2799)


  • Make posting list memory rollup happen right after disk. (#2731)

  • Do not retry proposal if already found in CommittedEntries. (#2740)

  • Remove ExportPayload from protos. Export returns Status and ExportRequest. (#2741)

  • Allow more escape runes to be skipped over when parsing string literal. (#2734)

  • Clarify message of overloaded pending proposals for live loader. (#2732)

  • Posting List Evictions. (e2bcfda)

  • Log when removing a tablet. (#2746)

  • Deal better with network partitions in leaders. (#2749)

  • Keep maxDelay during timestamp req to 1s.

  • Updates to the version output info.

    • Print the go version used to build Dgraph when running dgraph version and in the logs when Dgraph runs. (#2768)

    • Print the Dgraph version when running live or bulk loader. (#2736)

  • Checking nil values in the equal function (#2769)

  • Optimize query: UID expansion. (#2772)

  • Split membership sync endpoints and remove PurgeTs endpoint. (#2773)

  • Set the Prefix option during iteration. (#2780)

  • Replace Zero's /assignIds?num=10 endpoint with /assign?what=uids&num=10 (see Added section).


  • Remove type hinting for JSON and RDF schema-less types. (#2742)

  • Remove deprecated logic that was found using vet. (#2758)

  • Remove assert for zero-length posting lists. (#2763)


  • Restore schema states on error. (#2730)

  • Refactor bleve tokenizer usage (#2738). Fixes #2622 and #2601.

  • Switch to Badger's Watermark library, which has a memory leak fix. (0cd9d82)

  • Fix tiny typo. (#2761)

  • Fix Test: TestMillion.

  • Fix Jepsen bank test. (#2764)

  • Fix link to help_wanted. (#2774)

  • Fix invalid division by zero error. Fixes #2733.

  • Fix missing predicates after export and bulk load. Fixes #2616.

  • Handle various edge cases around cluster memberships. (#2791)

  • Change Encrypt to not re-encrypt password values. Fixes #2765.

  • Correctly parse facet types for both JSON and RDF formats. Previously the
    parsing was handled differently depending on the input format. (#2797)


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