IPFire 2.7 正式版发布

发布于 2010年07月03日
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IPFire是一份Linux发行,它注重轻松的装备、方便的操作和高级别的安全。它通过一份直观的基于网页的界面来进行操作管理,该界面为新手级及老练 的系统管理员提供很多直观的配置选项。IPFire由一群关注安全及经常更新该产品以保持其安全的开发者来维护。IPFire带有一份定制的叫做 Pakfire的包管理器,系统也可以通过各种附件来进行扩展。

下载地址:ipfire-2.7.i586-full-core38.iso (64.4MB, torrent).


  • Updates
    • Updated Kernel to stable lts (
    • Updated openssl to version 0.9.8o
    • Updated Net-SSLeay to version 1.36
    • Updated smartmontools to version 5.39.1
    • Updated usb-modeswitch to version 1.1.2
    • Updated alsa to version 1.0.23
    • Updated memtest to version 4.10
    • Updated v4l-dvb (2010-05-20)
    • Updated kvm-kmod to version
    • Updated compat-wireless to version 2.6.34
    • Updated hardware and GeoIP database
    • Updated squid to current stable version
    • Updated mISDN, mISDNuser (25.5.2010) and lcr to version 1.7
  • VPN
    • Switched IPSec from OpenSwan to StrongSwan version 4.4.0
    • Fixed vpn-watch hang at connection restart
    • Many other IPSec fixes
    • Updated OpenVPN to current stable version
    • New advanced settings for OpenVPN avaiable [bug #490]
    • Removed not working tap device
    • Load cryptodev modules by default
  • Snort
    • Updated snort to stable 2.8.6
    • Removed snort md5 check, added free space check
    • Fixed Snort init script, added sleep before chmod
    • Many snort config and script changes
    • Fixed detection of snort descriptions
    • Replaced snort gpl community rules by emergingthreats
    • Many Guardian fixes like ignore file handling and linefead detection
  • Hardware
    • Added support for alix2 leds
    • Added Vodafone K3765 and K4505 usbids to option driver
  • Webinterface
    • Cosmetic change for the swap and load graphs
    • Fixed some naming and length problems in the outgoing firewall
    • Fixed naming of firewall groups for webinterface
    • Added clearer description for P2P block
    • Added links for services on services.cgi [bug #617]
    • Added clearer button for stopping services
    • Added new iptables GUI
    • Fixed white page at first start of ids.cgi
    • Fixed update acclerator file download
  • Firewall
    • Added grouping option to the outgoing firewall - multiport and network group rules
    • Added space to logging entries by outgoing firewall
  • Language
    • Added spanish translation of installer and setup
    • Added spanish webif translation
  • Others
    • Added an config setting to remove netfilter sip modules
    • Syslog async logging feature
    • Resized /var/log/rrd in fstab
    • Changed size of the swapfile
    • Done a whole rework on the collectd config
    • misc-progs: Cleanup chain creation of wirelessctrl
    • Modified modules initscript to softly fail module loads
    • Added new led triggers: netdev
    • Added e2fsck.conf, this should fix manual superblock checls
    • Enabled force setting system time on boot
    • Fixed url filter repository for local redirects
    • Fixed squidclamav logging [bug #639]
    • Increase length of the password dialog to 50 chars
    • Added bootoption to skip an initskript
    • Blacklistet all framebuffer modules
    • Fixed rebuildhost [bug #509]
    • Allow also ip/netmask for blue access
    • Fixed grub installation on virtio hdd
    • Changed the flash serialcon image
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