Apache CouchDB 2.3.0 发布,文档数据库

发布于 2018年12月07日
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Apache CouchDB 2.3.0 已发布,Apache CouchDB 是一个面向文档的数据库管理系统。它提供以 JSON 作为数据格式的 REST 接口来对其进行操作,并可以通过视图来操纵文档的组织和呈现。CouchDB 是 Apache 基金会的顶级开源项目。


    • (Multiple) Clustered purge is now available

    • A new config setting is available, allowing an administrator to configure an initial list of nodes that should be contacted when a node boots up

    • Replication supports ipv6-only peers

    • The UUID of the server/cluster is once again exposed in the GET / response

    • Stats counts between job runs of the replicator are no longer reset on job restart

    • CouchDB’s _bulk_get implementation now supports the multipart/mixed and multipart/related content types if requested, extending compatibility with third-party replication clients

    • CouchDB no longer forces the TCP receive buffer to a fixed size of 256KB, allowing the To improve security, there have been major changes in the configuration of query servers,SSL support, and HTTP global handlersoperating system to dynamically adjust the buffer size

    • All python scripts shipped with CouchDB, including couchup and the dev/run development cluster script, now specify and require Python 3.x

    • CouchDB is now compatible with Erlang 21.x

    • The embedded version of rebar used to build CouchDB has been updated to the last version of rebar2 available

    • Plus many other performance improvements, bugfixes, and UI improvements



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