Spring Kafka 2.2.1 发布

发布于 2018年11月28日
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Spring Kafka 2.2.1 发布。

b69a453 (master) Upgrade dependencies & fix lambdas for method ref
4390405 Add appendix for 2.1.x kafka-clients jar
6c79d95 GH-878: Polishing - Fix new tangle
0a953b0 GH-885: Restore infinite retries STCEH
04e9e1a Sonar Fix possible NPE
810529a GH-854: Docs about Filtering Batch adapter
45b5d8b GH-878: Add parent container to container events
7859b39 GH-881: Null check in closeProducers()
fd0fbaa Add Docs for @SpringBootTest
8cc633e JsonDeserializer: Fix CTOR overridable method call
6166437 Resolve Sonar false positive
de6d1e4 GH-869: fixed NPE in case of array target types
8eaf682 Sonar: Resolve remaining code smells
39f2f54 Sonar: static field name format exemptions
58013ed Fix unused imports (Javadocs)
283aeee Fix Javadocs for the previous commit
ff5f4f2 Sonar: Fix classes with B,C maintainability
00928e2 Address several Sonar issues
c5f485d GH-867: Add ConsumerStoppingEvent
cf9daf5 Fix new Sonar reports
a4a0b86 Address various Sonar issues
bc929b8 Address Sonar reports for recent commits
3f17a9f Fix Checkstyle violations
4cdaa94 GH-842: Fix NPEs in KafkaListenerAnnotationBPP (#864)
f5c0a58 GH-850: Stop container on error
0bd4565 GH-855: Dead letter publisher and transactions
035a3b1 GH-859: Fix nested transactions
074e961 GH-853: Type Safe ErrorHandlingDeserializer
7bf2c64 GH-862: Fix docs for ErrorHandler
56f5bfb Add Samples
5ce42d2 Sonar: Improve test coverage for recent commits
f8ea5bc Sonar Polishing
87a1b99 Log TX Exceptions
d19189e GH-847: Support placeholders in @sendto
1dc1eef Polish InvocationResult.toString()
228d25b GH-843: Make ErrorHandlingDeserializer as generic one (#844)

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