PostgreSQL ODBC 驱动 psqlODBC 11.00.0000 发布

发布于 2018年11月18日
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今天,PostgreSQL ODBC开发组发布了最新版本的PG ODBC驱动:psqlODBC 11.00.0000。该版做了一些细微的改动,并完善了一个已知bug。

  1. Remove obsolete maps pointed out. POWER -> pow, CONCAT -> textcat, LEFT -> ltrunc, RIGHT -> rtrunc

  2. Remove connSettings option and/or pqopt option from the OutConnectionString parameter of SQLDriverConnect() when each option doesn't exist in InConnectionString parameter.

  3. The parameters should be cast because parameters of concat() function are variadic "any".

  4. Unbuffered-IO in Windows is incredibly slow. Instead call fflush() after fprintf().

  5. Add an alias DX of *Database* keyword for connection strings to aviod the use of "database" keyword which has a special meaning in some apps or middlewares.

  6. numeric items without precision are unlimited and there's no natural map between SQL Data types. Add an option *Numeric(without precision) as*.

  7. Fix a bug that SQLSpecialColumns() returns oid/xmin incorrectly when a table does not exist.


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