Consul 1.4.0 发布,分布式数据中心感知解决方案

发布于 2018年11月16日
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Consul 1.4.0 已发布,Consul 是一种分布式、高可用的数据中心感知解决方案,用于跨动态分布式基础架构连接和配置应用程序。



  • New ACL System: The ACL system has been redesigned while allowing for in-place upgrades that will automatically migrate to the new system while retaining compatibility for existing ACL tokens for clusters where ACLs are enabled. This new system introduces a number of improvements to tokens including accessor IDs and a new policy model. It also includes a new CLI for ACL interactions and a completely redesigned UI experience to manage ACLs and policies. WAN federated clusters will need to add the additional replication token configuration in order to ensure WAN ACL replication in the new system. [GH-4791]

    • ACL CLI.

    • New ACL HTTP APIs.

    • Splitting ACL Tokens into Tokens and Policies with rules being defined on policies and tokens being linked to policies.

    • ACL Tokens have a public accessor ID now in addition to the secret ID that they used to have.

    • Setting a replication token is now required but it only needs "read" permissions on ACLs.

    • Update to the rules language to allow for exact-matching rules in addition to prefix matching rules

    • Added DC local tokens.

    • Auto-Transitioning from legacy mode to normal mode as the cluster's servers get upgraded.

    • ACL UI updates to support new functionality.

  • Multi-datacenter Connect: (Consul Enterprise) Consul Connect now supports multi-datacenter connections and replicates intentions. This allows WAN federated DCs to provide connections from source and destination proxies in any DC.

  • New command consul debug which gathers information about the cluster to help resolve incidents and debug issues faster. [GH-4754]


  • dns: Implement prefix lookups for DNS TTL. [GH-4605]

  • ui: Add JSON and YAML linting to the KV code editor. [GH-4814]

  • connect: Fix comment DYNAMIC_DNS to LOGICAL_DNS. [GH-4799]

  • terraform: fix formatting of [GH-4580]


  • snapshot: Fixed a bug where node ID and datacenter weren't being included in or restored from the snapshots. [GH-4872]

  • api: Fixed migration issue where changes to allow multiple tags in 1.3.0 would cause broken results during a migration from earlier versions [GH-4944]


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