Apache Kafka 2.0.1 发布,分布式消息发布订阅系统

发布于 2018年11月15日
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Apache Kafka 2.0.1 已发布,这是针对 2.0 版本的修复和改进版本。


  • [KAFKA-6914] - Kafka Connect - Plugins class should have a constructor that can take in parent ClassLoader

  • [KAFKA-7131] - Update release script to generate announcement email text

  • [KAFKA-7198] - Enhance KafkaStreams start method javadoc

  • [KAFKA-7278] - replaceSegments() should not call asyncDeleteSegment() for segments which have been removed from segments list

  • [KAFKA-7285] - Streams should be more fencing-sensitive during task suspension under EOS

  • [KAFKA-7414] - Do not fail broker on out of range offsets in replica fetcher

  • [KAFKA-7454] - Use lazy allocation for SslTransportLayer buffers


  • [KAFKA-4950] - ConcurrentModificationException when iterating over Kafka Metrics

  • [KAFKA-5891] - Cast transformation fails if record schema contains timestamp field

  • [KAFKA-6648] - Fetcher.getTopicMetadata() should return all partitions for each requested topic

  • [KAFKA-7044] - kafka-consumer-groups.sh NullPointerException describing round robin or sticky assignors

  • [KAFKA-7119] - Intermittent test failure with GSSAPI authentication failure

  • [KAFKA-7128] - Lagging high watermark can lead to committed data loss after ISR expansion

  • [KAFKA-7144] - Kafka Streams doesn't properly balance partition assignment

  • [KAFKA-7158] - Duplicates when searching kafka stream state store with caching

  • [KAFKA-7164] - Follower should truncate after every leader epoch change

  • [KAFKA-7180] - In testHWCheckpointWithFailuresSingleLogSegment, wait until server1 has joined the ISR before shutting down server2

  • [KAFKA-7192] - State-store can desynchronise with changelog

  • [KAFKA-7196] - Remove heartbeat delayed operation for those removed consumers at the end of each rebalance

  • [KAFKA-7216] - Exception while running kafka-acls.sh from 1.0 env on target Kafka env with 1.1.1

  • [KAFKA-7225] - Kafka Connect ConfigProvider not invoked before validation

  • [KAFKA-7242] - Externalized secrets are revealed in task configuration

  • [KAFKA-7250] - Kafka-Streams-Scala DSL transform shares transformer instance

  • [KAFKA-7255] - Timing issue in SimpleAclAuthorizer with concurrent create/update

  • [KAFKA-7261] - Request and response total metrics record bytes instead of request count

  • [KAFKA-7280] - ConcurrentModificationException in FetchSessionHandler in heartbeat thread

  • [KAFKA-7284] - Producer getting fenced may cause Streams to shut down

  • [KAFKA-7287] - Set open ACL permissions for old consumer znode path

  • [KAFKA-7296] - Producer should handle COORDINATOR_LOADING error in TxnOffsetCommit

  • [KAFKA-7298] - Concurrent DeleteRecords can lead to fatal OutOfSequence error in producer

  • [KAFKA-7301] - KTable to KTable join invocation does not resolve in Scala DSL

  • [KAFKA-7316] - Use of filter method in KTable.scala may result in StackOverflowError

  • [KAFKA-7353] - Connect logs 'this' for anonymous inner classes

  • [KAFKA-7354] - Fix IdlePercent and NetworkProcessorAvgIdlePercent metric calculation

  • [KAFKA-7369] - Retry when possible in AdminClient.listConsumerGroups

  • [KAFKA-7385] - Log cleaner crashes when empty batches are retained with idempotent or transactional producers

  • [KAFKA-7386] - Streams Scala wrapper should not cache serdes

  • [KAFKA-7415] - OffsetsForLeaderEpoch may incorrectly respond with undefined epoch causing truncation to HW

  • [KAFKA-7434] - DeadLetterQueueReporter throws NPE if transform throws NPE

  • [KAFKA-7453] - Enable idle expiry of connections which are never selected

  • [KAFKA-7459] - Concurrency bug in updating RequestsPerSec metric

  • [KAFKA-7460] - Connect Values converter uses incorrect date format string

  • [KAFKA-7464] - Fail to shutdown ReplicaManager during broker cleaned shutdown

  • [KAFKA-7467] - NoSuchElementException is raised because controlBatch is empty

  • [KAFKA-7476] - SchemaProjector is not properly handling Date-based logical types

  • [KAFKA-7519] - Transactional Ids Left in Pending State by TransactionStateManager During Transactional Id Expiration Are Unusable

  • [KAFKA-7535] - KafkaConsumer doesn't report records-lag if isolation.level is read_committed


  • [KAFKA-7228] - DeadLetterQueue throws a NullPointerException


  • [KAFKA-7299] - batch LeaderAndIsr requests during auto preferred leader election


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