Logstash 6.5.0 发布,开源服务端数据处理流程

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作者: 淡漠悠然
2018-11-15 08:49:00

Logstash 6.5.0 已发布,Logstash 是开源的服务器端数据处理管道,能够同时从多个来源采集数据,转换数据,然后将数据发送到你最喜欢的“存储库”中。


  • BUGFIX: Count unused space in page files towards current PQ size #10105

  • BUGFIX: Handle equality checks on list and map types in Java execution #10074

  • BUGFIX: Handle equality comparison where one or more fields are null in Java execution #10039

  • Make cgroups more robust and provide the override similar to ES #10011

  • BUGFIX: Pipeline reloading breaks with PQ enabled #9987

  • BUGFIX: Avoid race condition when initializing event and pipeline metrics #9959

  • Support port customization in cloud id #9877

  • Support for integration plugins in plugin manager #9811

  • Promote Java execution from experimental to beta #10063


Elastic App Search output

  • New: Added as default plugin

SNMP input

  • New: Added as default plugin

Elasticsearch filter

  • Adds [@metadata][total_hits] with total hits returned from the query #106

  • Improves error logging to fully inspect caught exceptions #105

Translate filter

  • Fix to align with docs - looked-up values are always strings. Coerce better.

  • Fix bug in dictionary/file the always applied RegexExact, manifested when dictionary keys are not regex compatible

  • Added info to dictionary_path description to explain why integers must be quoted

  • Fix bug in csv_file when LS config has CSV filter plugin specified as well as a csv dictionary.

  • Updated formatting of examples in documentation for consistent rendering

  • Add iterate_on setting to support fields that are arrays, see the docs for detailed explanation.

  • Add Rufus::Scheduler to provide asynchronous loading of dictionary.

  • Re-organise code, yields performance improvement of around 360%

Useragent filter

  • Update source mapping to latest from uap-core #53

Kafka input

  • Upgrade Kafka client to version 2.0.0

  • Docs: Correct list formatting for decorate_events

  • Docs: Add kafka default to partition_assignment_strategy

Redis input

  • Added support for renamed redis commands

  • Add channel to the event

S3 input

  • Docs: Fixed link formatting for input type

  • Skips objects that are archived to AWS Glacier with a helpful log message (previously they would log as matched, but then fail to load events) #160

  • Added watch_for_new_files option, enabling single-batch imports #159

TCP input

  • Added support for pkcs1 and pkcs8 key formats #122

  • Changed server-mode SSL to run on top of Netty #122

  • Changed travis testing infra to use logstash tarballs #122

  • Fixed certificate chain handling and validation #124

  • Added new configuration option dns_reverse_lookup_enabled to allow users to disable costly DNS reverse lookups #100

Netflow codec

  • Added Cisco ACI to list of known working Netflow v9 exporters

  • Added support for IXIA Packet Broker IPFIX

  • Fixed issue with Procera float fields

  • Fixed issue where TTL in template registry was not being respected.

  • Reduced complexity of creating, persisting, loading an retrieving template caches.

  • Added support for Netflow v9 devices with VarString fields (H3C Netstream)

  • Fixed incorrect parsing of zero-filled Netflow 9 packets from Palo Alto

  • Fixed IPFIX options template parsing for Juniper MX240 JunOS 15.1


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