Redis 5.0.1 发布,高性能的 KV 数据库

来源: 投稿
作者: 愚_者
2018-11-09 10:04:00


1. Fix RESTORE mismatch reply when certain keys already expired.
2. Fix an XCLAIM non trivial issue: sometimes the command returned a wrong
   entry or desynchronized the protocol.


3. Stack trace generation on the Raspberry PI (and 32bit ARM) fixed.
4. Don't evict expired keys when the KEYS command is called, in order to
   avoid a mass deletion event. However expired keys are not displayed
   by KEYS as usually.
5. Improvements in the computation of the memory used, when estimating
   the AOF buffers.
6. XRANGE COUNT of 0 fixed.
7. "key misses" stats accounting fixed. Many cache misses were not counted.
8. When in MULTI state, return OOM while accumulating commands and there
   is no longer memory available.
9. Fix build on FreeBSD and possibly others.
10. Fix a crash in Redis modules, thread safe context reply accumulation.
11. Fix a race condition when producing the RDB file for full SYNC.
12. Disable protected mode in Sentinel.
13. More commands now have the HELP subcommand.
14. Fixed an issue about adaptive server HZ timer.
15. Fix cluster-replica-no-failover option name.

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