Apache PDFBox 1.2.0 发布-下载

发布于 2010年06月30日
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下载 PDFBox 1.2.0


New Features

[PDFBOX-687] 独立的 PDFBox jar 包
[PDFBOX-722] 增加绘制和填充多边形的支持
[PDFBOX-730] 基本实现了加密过滤器


[PDFBOX-410] Two small performance issue in COSString, these are not bugs
[PDFBOX-441] remove CosName nameMap cache
[PDFBOX-582] Ignoring text over images
[PDFBOX-622] Bad required namespace prefix for XMPSchemaPDFAId
[PDFBOX-651] Team list should be filled out or deleted ... it confuses ...
[PDFBOX-668] TrueType Font - Feature for CMAPEncodingEntry
[PDFBOX-669] CFFFont - Management of CIDKeyed
[PDFBOX-670] TrueType - Management of CMap format 2
[PDFBOX-675] Upgrade .Net build to use IKVM version 0.42
[PDFBOX-676] Predefined paper sizes in PDPage are slightly off
[PDFBOX-688] Refactoring rendering-related classes/methods for extensibility
[PDFBOX-689] Documentation of dependencies is incorrect
[PDFBOX-696] PDTrueTypeFont limits number of glyph widths to 256...
[PDFBOX-699] Add support for InputStreams to PDFMergerUtility
[PDFBOX-701] Additional date formats
[PDFBOX-702] Adding method to manipulate the current transformation matrix
[PDFBOX-707] Add the current page and the number of pages to the title
[PDFBOX-726] PDFTextStripper: allow access to currentPageNo variable
[PDFBOX-732] Loading TTF font files from the classpath
[PDFBOX-733] Implementation of function types 0,2 and 3 to be used in ...
[PDFBOX-735] Automatic license header checks
[PDFBOX-736] Implementation of the DeviceN colorspace
[PDFBOX-742] [patch] Please don't print logging statements to System.err
[PDFBOX-752] Move Lucene and Ant code into separate components
[PDFBOX-753] Move PDFBox war into a separate component
[PDFBOX-754] Move Resources to org.apache.pdfbox.resources

Bug Fixes

[PDFBOX-164] Error converting Date with LucenePDFDocument
[PDFBOX-170] Another converting date error with LucenePDFDocument
[PDFBOX-276] IOException on parsing a PDF file
[PDFBOX-295] CMapParser "cidrange" support
[PDFBOX-323] Images with transparency are not rendered correctly
[PDFBOX-397] merge dont work
[PDFBOX-402] Bug when using PDF Box in a threaded environment.
[PDFBOX-406] Small error in class defination in PDMatrix it should ...
[PDFBOX-513] PDJpeg does not support transparency/alpha
[PDFBOX-515] The handle is invalid when merging 2 pdfs from different ...
[PDFBOX-534] PDF file created with LaTeX is bad parsed
[PDFBOX-563] Class Cast thrown when merging PDF's
[PDFBOX-574] PDFBox image extraction fails with an ...
[PDFBOX-584] convertToImage seems to invert colors
[PDFBOX-638] PDNameTreeNode setLower/UpperLimit don't set dictionary entries
[PDFBOX-639] PDNameTreeNode: Limits are only set when setting Names
[PDFBOX-641] PDNameTreeNode: Keys in Names shall be sorted
[PDFBOX-659] Newlines added in the middle of words
[PDFBOX-665] Photometric interpretation incorrect on G3 encoded image ...
[PDFBOX-672] Regression: PNG image page completely garbled
[PDFBOX-673] Ant build problems in PDFBox
[PDFBOX-674] ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception when printing on Windows
[PDFBOX-679] Corruption of Arabic output due to Japanese bug fix
[PDFBOX-681] ClassCastException in PDTrueTypeFont.ensureFontDescriptor()
[PDFBOX-683] PDFStreamParser can't read "d0" and "d1" operators
[PDFBOX-684] Incorrect ordering of compound Arabic glyphs
[PDFBOX-685] inefficient implementation in org.apache.pdfbox.util....
[PDFBOX-695] COSStream doesn't actually stream tokens, causing OOM in ...
[PDFBOX-700] NullPointerException when trying to merge PDFs
[PDFBOX-703] Null pointer Exception with org.apache.fontbox.cff...
[PDFBOX-705] Error print bar code
[PDFBOX-711] Findbugs: Bug: Doomed test for equality to NaN ...
[PDFBOX-716] right parenthess are not handled properly in bookmarks
[PDFBOX-717] Bookmarks don't match up to any page
[PDFBOX-719] Bookmarks not merged correctly by PDFMergerUtility
[PDFBOX-724] ClassCastException when merging PDFs using PDFMergerUtility
[PDFBOX-737] Fix potential NullPointer exception in PDPageNode
[PDFBOX-738] Preserve transparency when converting to image with rgba
[PDFBOX-739] Problem converting pdf page w/ fully embedded TTF font, ...
[PDFBOX-743] PDAppereanceDictionary#getNormalAppearance might throw NPE

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