Dgraph 1.0.10 发布,事务性的分布式图形数据库

发布于 2018年11月07日
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Dgraph 1.0.10 已发布,Dgraph 是一个可扩展的,分布式的,低延迟的图数据库,目标是提供 Google 生产水平的规模和吞吐量,在超过 TB 的结构数据里,为用户提供足够低延迟的实时查询。Dgraph 支持 GraphQL 作为查询语言,响应 JSON。


  • The Alter endpoint can be protected by an auth token that is set on the Dgraph Alphas via the --auth_token option. This can help prevent accidental schema updates and drop all operations. (#2692)

  • Optimize has function (#2724)

  • Expose the health check API via gRPC. (#2721)


  • Dgraph is relicensed to Apache 2.0. (#2652)

  • Breaking change. Rename Dgraph Server to Dgraph Alpha to clarify discussions of the Dgraph cluster. The top-level command dgraph server is now dgraph alpha. (#2667)

  • Prometheus metrics have been renamed for consistency for alpha, memory, and lru cache metrics. (#2636#2670#2714)

  • The dgraph-converter command is available as the subcommand dgraph conv. (#2635)

  • Updating protobuf version. (#2639)

  • Allow checkpwd to be aliased (#2641)

  • Better control excessive traffic to Dgraph (#2678)

  • Export format now exports on the Alpha receiving the export request. The naming scheme of the export files has been simplified.

  • Improvements to the dgraph debug tool that can be used to inspect the contents of the posting lists directory.

  • Bring in Badger updates (#2697)


  • Make raft leader resume probing after snapshot crash (#2707)

  • Create a lot simpler sorted uint64 codec (#2716)

  • Increase the size of applyCh, to give Raft some breathing space. Otherwise, it fails to maintain quorum health.

  • Zero should stream last commit update

  • Send commit timestamps in order (#2687)

  • Query blocks with the same name are no longer allowed.

  • Fix out-of-range values in query parser. (#2690)


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