Netty 4.1.31.Final 发布,经典开源 Java 网络服务框架

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作者: 达尔文
2018-10-31 06:58:00

Netty 4.1.31.Final 发布了,该版本包含错误修复,以及一些重要的改进和性能提升。除此之外,还提供了对 TLSv1.3 的支持(通过 Java 11 或 netty-tcnative / netty-tcnative-boringssl-static 实现)。


  • Fix leak and corruption bugs in CompositeByteBuf (#8438)

  • Optimize AbstractByteBuf.getCharSequence() in US_ASCII case (#8392)

  • (fix) incorrect reachability assumption in ResourceLeakDetector (#8410)

  • Correctly detect if KeyManagerFactory is supported by OpenSSL even when* can not be accessed and bouncycastle is not on the classpath. (#8415)

  • Reduce overhead by ByteBufUtil.decodeString(...) which is used by AbstractByteBuf.toString(...) and AbstractByteBuf.getCharSequence(...) (#8388)

  • CompositeByteBuf.decompose(...) does not correctly slice content (#8403)

  • Allow to use TLSv1.3 with netty-tcnative withe java versions prior to 11 (#8394)

  • Add support for TLSv1.3 #8293)

  • Add support for boringssl and TLSv1.3 (#8412)

  • Ensure OpenSslEngine will not try to call SSL_free multiple times even when constructor throws #8399)

  • Add full JdkSslContext public constructor #8389)

  • Prevent NPE when attempting to set client key material with no alias #8378)

  • epoll_wait produces an EINVAL error since 4.1.30 #8350)

  • Correctly parse /etc/resolv.conf when contain multiple entries for searchdomain #8351)

  • Correctly decrement pending bytes when submitting AbstractWriteTask fails #8349)

  • Fix SelectableChannel support in NioEventLoop #8344)

  • Added option to do busy-wait on epoll #8267)

  • Ensure X509KeyManager methods are called on the correct time when using server-side and support more methods of ExtendedSSLSession #8283)

  • Do the same extended checks as the JDK when a X509TrustManager is used with the OpenSSL provider #8307)

查看 4.1.31.Final 的 issue 追踪了解更多细节。

支持 TLSv1.3


  • 使用 Java11 或更高版本

  • 使用 netty-tcnative(针对 OpenSSL 1.1.1+ 构建)和 Java8 +

  • 使用 netty-tcnative-boringssl-static 和 Java8 +

即可启用 TLSv1.3。也就是说默认情况下没有启用 TLSv1.3 ,所以如果你想使用它,你需要在配置 SslContextBuilder 时显式启用它以使用 TLSv1.3。


Netty 是一个 Java 开源框架。Netty 提供异步的、事件驱动的网络应用程序框架和工具,用以快速开发高性能、高可靠性的网络服务器和客户端程序。

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