Infinispan 9.4.0.Final 发布,分布式集群缓存系统

发布于 2018年10月09日
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Infinispan 9.4.0.Final 已发布,这是项目10周年的特别版,包含以下新特性和改进:

  • Segments everywhere
    9.3 brought the segmented on-heap memory container. 9.4 extends this to provide the benefits of segmentation to off-heap as well as all of the core cache stores. Watch as your bulk operations (size, iteration, streams) get a big performance boost !

  • Transcoding everywhere
    To paraphrase the Grand Moff Tarkin, “The last remnants of Compatibility Mode have been swept away”. Transcoding, i.e. the ability to transparently convert between a number of formats across different endpoints, is now “fully operational”.

  • Transactions everywhere
    Hot Rod transactions now support recovery.

  • Hot Rod client improvements
    The Hot Rod client has received many improvements:

    • Client-side statistics, complete with JMX support

    • Improvements to the scalability and the behaviour of near-caches

    • All of the configuration can now be supplied via the properties, which also means easier integration with other frameworks, such as Spring Boot.

  • Query improvements
    Many cleanups and improvements

  • Bugfixes, stability, reliability
    Although not as exciting as new features, we continued our work to improve the stability, reliability and performance of all aspects of Infinispan.

  • Upgrades:

    • As usual the latest and greatest JGroups 4.0.15

    • The server is now based on WildFly 14


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