Neo4j 3.3.8 发布,高性能图数据库

发布于 2018年10月06日
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Neo4j 3.3.8 已发布,Neo4j 是世界领先的高性能图数据库,具备成熟和健壮的数据库的所有特性,如友好的查询语言和事务的 ACID 原则。



  • Remove cursor pooling on a page cache level.

  • Upgrade the Bouncy Castle dependency to version 1.60.

  • Consistency-checker PropertyReader detects circular property chains

  • Fixes an issue in IndexHits#getSingle() where it would miss an item when called after a previous call to IndexHits#hasNext().

  • Remove property key tokens limit from BatchInserterImpl.


  • Fix $12011 by providing the wanted functionality under a feature toggle.

  • Remove browser warnings when using temporal and spatial property accessors e.g. .year.x.

  • Fix 12029 where combining multiple a IN with AND and OR could lead to the wrong result.

  • Ensure renamed timezones are always returned the same way.

    RETURN datetime("2018-04-05T12:34:00[Canada/East-Saskatchewan]")
    MATCH (n) WHERE = datetime("2018-04-05T12:34:00[Canada/East-Saskatchewan]") RETURN

    Will now return the same object with timezone set to Canada/Saskatchewan, which Canada/East-Saskatchewan has been renamed to. Previously only the value read from store would be Canada/Saskatchewan

  • Fix bug in queries containing RETURN or WITH clauses including both a star and a pattern comprehesion (e.g. ... RETURN *, [ (a)-[:HAS_BUREAU]->(bureau:Bureau) | bureau.CREDIT_ACTIVE = "Active"] AS bureauStatus), which would previously fail with WITH/RETURN should note its Scope in the SemanticState.

  • Fix bug which would cause FunctionInvocation(...) has to type from semantic analysis errors for some complex WITH-clauses in a write query.

  • Fix planner regression in which HashJoin + AllNodeScan was preferred

    over OptionalExpand in certain cases.


  • Properly handle multiple authorization providers. Fixes an issue where if one provider failed (e.g. connection to ldap failed) the user would end up un-authorized even though another provider had succeeded.

Causal Clustering

  • Check recovery status of store when bootstrapping cluster


  • Revert mistakenly enabling NEO4J_DEBUG by default for neo4j-admin


  • Add :history clear command

  • Add pagecache hits and misses to plan output

  • Add complete support for bolt+routing://

  • Add Neo4j Community Forum link to sidebar

  • Enable users with non reader roles to connect

  • Fix :server switch bug in Neo4j Desktop environment

  • Fix username not updating in sidebar when disconnecting

  • Improve Cypher result rendering performance

  • Prepare for Neo4j Desktop distribution

  • Fix issue where editor buttons would overflow the viewport

  • Fetch fresh version of remote guides on every request


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